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  1. Ansger: Tank incorrectly disclosed date?

    04 November 2009 - 08:14 PM

    Is it normal to buy an HPA tank online and it be aged by 2 years? Mine says 11/07 as the date (5 year rehydro). https://www.ansgear.com/ProductDetails.asp?...e=CROSSFIRE88HP Is this something I should complain about? I chatted live with an agent with customer service and was discussing this product or 68ci version (can't recall) and it was mentioned that it was built early this year.

    It's still got plenty of life, but is this something I should dispute a bit, does it make much of a difference?

    also I learned a lesson, buying paintballs online can be tough. My DXS Truimph paintballs.... VERY dimpled.
  2. What makes a paintball gun superior technology wise?

    02 November 2009 - 11:14 AM

    Ok, so I've heard that the TM-15 is an invert mini (googled, and saw it's a speedball marker) dressed up milsim. I'd like to know what real "advantage" a tm-15 would have over an a-5 that would make a difference to me? I LOVE milsim, and so if get experinced enough would like to switch from my a5 to a tm-15 with apex tip later.

    What makes the higher cost worth it besides looks? I know it has the full auto, triple, etc. So I do like no additional upgrade would be needed exception the rip clip. What perceptable difference would it make to a player?

    Educate me peeps!
  3. Remote vs Drop Forward

    31 October 2009 - 09:11 AM

    Which do you prefer and recommend for me as a new player (and your preference in poll). I have a HPA 88/4500 Carbon Fiber tank, so should be light, would you choose a drop forward and stock or remote, or another choice? I did search and I couldn't find any posts polling this question, so let me know if I missed it in my search.

  4. Game Locator

    31 October 2009 - 07:26 AM

    Found the Brigade option, great idea. However, didn't find ANY near houston. What other options are there for finding local games to join up. I kinda want to play with some more serious players and possible scenario. Likely I'll only get my friends together once in a blue moon (all rent and just do it for occasional fun)...

    What tips do you have for finding great local games, or is the brigade site one of the most commonly used for local games? I like the idea of playing with other people that believe in strategy and teamwork.
  5. Close Quarters Etiquette

    30 October 2009 - 09:07 AM

    First time I went paintballing, did some sneaky stuff, pretty proud that I snuck up on some guys that obviously had some superior guns and went PBing more than me. That said, I offered surrender, and they whipped around and just shot at me.

    SO, what really is the etiquette, do you within 10-15 feet take a 1-3 shots to make sure they are out, or do you really try to offer surrender? With little kids I would imagine the surrender rule would be needed, but with adults??? And no, I'm not talking about 4-5 feet away, which is obvious...tag em.

    Curious to hear about your view on this as I've been reading some posts and notice a few people mention barrel tags being ignored and getting shot right after doing it.