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  1. Oklahoma D-Day 2014

    04 December 2013 - 04:18 AM

    With still a few days to go before we reach the
    six months to go mark, it's time to start beating
    the drums and playing the pipes. Time to awaken
    the masses and prepare once more for battle. Let
    those who sleep and rest test the temper of our
    swords as we once more face the evil that has
    taken over Europe.

    See with your own eyes how those who fought the'
    battle last year saw the event through their own

    D-Day Through The Players Eyes
  2. RP-4 HOSTS MAG FED Event at D-DAY

    14 March 2013 - 04:40 AM

    I've just been informed that RAP-4 is going to be
    sponsoring a MAG FED Only event on Thursday,
    June 13th, as part of the lead up up to the main
    D-Day event on Saturday the 15th. Check out
    the poster below then visit the D-Day site, or
    give the Bunker a call for details and answers
    to any questions you may have..

  3. Oklahoma D-Day 2013

    10 March 2013 - 12:57 PM

    This coming June will mark the 16th time that the Allied Forces take
    on the task of pushing the Germans forces back from the shores of
    Normandy, France. One of the units that's tasked with this is called
    the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force, or simply the CEF. Here to
    pitch his appeal to join his unit is Sir Ray, commander of the CEF.

    The Commonwealth Expeditionary Force invites YOU to
    join them at OK D-Day 2013, June 10 through 16!!!

    Posted Image

    “The service to one’s country is something that is profoundly
    important and the oath of allegiance is not taken lightly. We,
    as a nation, are strong because we are free and this freedom
    serves as a powerful example to people all over the world.
    During these troubled times, we are constantly reminded of
    something that every generation knows; the hard truth that
    there is evil in the world. That sometimes there is a clear
    difference between right and wrong. The military is central
    to the continuation of that freedom and provides a means
    of force to ensure that freedom for the common wealth of
    its people. With that in mind, I have ordered the commissioning
    of an Expeditionary Force to assist our allies in ridding the
    world of this evil. May your hardships be few and your
    victories be swift.”

    Edward VI, King of England

    Would you like to be part of the largest paintball scenario
    team in the world and have the time of your life? Would you
    like to live in an international camp and play alongside some
    of the best scenario players from the USA, Canada, England,
    Scotland, Wales, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, New
    Zealand and France? Then come join the CEF!

    We can help you make it happen! We have ways of reducing
    the cost to the average player and making this “trip of a lifetime,”
    a reality. We offer trip/convoy planning with our DOT coordinator,
    group meals in our Dining Facility (DFAC), shelter in our air
    conditioned shipping containers (Includes lights, electricity, AC
    and a bunk) and super cheap equipment rental, if you don’t
    have any or don’t want to bring your own. We have our own
    parking lot and camp security and the bathhouse is just across
    the street. We have our own team store on site and if you care
    to have a drink at the end of a long hard day, we have our own
    pub, called the **** and Beaver.

    Our continuing recruiting theme for this year is: “Everybody,
    bring a body.” We would ask that everyone concentrate on
    recruiting and bringing one new player to the CEF.

    The CEF is composed of eight different units with different
    player compositions and playing styles. We're sure you would
    find a unit to fit your style. From the infantry, to the airborne,
    to the armor. We have something for everyone. The one thing
    we all have in common is teamwork.

    All CEF uniform and clothing items are now taking preorders,
    so avoid the rush and get yours in now.
    Check us out at www.cefpaintball.com and take a look
    in the PX section.

    For more information, visit our web site at www.cefpaintball.com.
    You may also contact Sir Raymond directly at HarlyHunk@hotmail.com.

    01 March 2013 - 09:28 AM

    We get asked this quite a lot lately, "What's your
    age requirement?" So I think we should answer
    that. You have to be 18 to play without a guardian
    or parent's signature GET A SIGNATURE AND YOU
    CAN PLAY. You have to be at least 15 to join any
    age restricted units Including

    Allied: 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, All Ranger
    Units (Rangers lead the way), All Pathfinder Units,
    British and Canadian Airborne, British 41st Royal

    German: 6th Fallschirmjager, Brandenburg
    Kommandos, Geisterjagers, 1058th MEK.

    I hope that answers it for everyone.

    Also want to remind everyone that the first event
    of the D-Day Park season, as well as a run up to
    their Annual Oklahoma D-Day Event is this event -

    Posted Image
  5. Oklahoma D-Day

    28 February 2013 - 04:12 AM

    Flashback to 2010 and one of the most
    exciting D-Day Events ever staged.

    D-Day 2010

    Don't miss the chance to take part in
    what promises to be another great D-Day



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