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  1. burns gear bag sale

    17 April 2010 - 11:44 AM

    -you pay shiping unless we work something out(iam in bc canada)
    -offers are welcome even if i say no it dosent hurt to offer
    -if you want a picture its in the link in my sig at the bottom
    -trades are welcome

    68 automag auto response trigger (DA00281) 350

    stock a5 (works great has a little trouble with cyclone sometimes) 80
    t68 gen3 paintball pistol(with drop leg holster and 3-10round tubes) 135
    BT maker (no barrel,tank,hopper)(has a drop forward on it) 80
    Tippmann 98 custom (progressive 14in barrel) 130
    piranah side arm 100
    a5 sniper barrel (22in long and it rifled)40
    a5 shell modded for qloader and the mount for it 60
    green custom 98 (missing a couple of things and seals,) 60

    pure energy 3k unjfied co2 burst disks (18 left) 2 each
    4-20oz tanks (all need to be hydro tested) 10
    20 oz tank(needs to be hydro tested in 2012) 15
    remote line and quick on and off 20
    -exspantion chambers
    pure energy (2stage)(missing 1 seal) 20
    bob long signature series(2 stage) 20
    2 stage exspantion chamber(half inch fitting to maker)(i think its made by bob long) 20
    4 Stage Expansion Chamber 25
    AG1 Gen2 Air Regulator 60
    CP Regulator Shorty 50

    Qloader package (4pods,filling unit,basic qloader mount) 70
    a5 flate line 50
    a5 wood ak barrel kit 80
    a5 folding stock with metal end 60
    barrel bi pod 30
    barrel muzzle 20
    a5 (stock trigger)(has no trigger gard) 20
    a5 egrip (with w.a.s equalizer board) 90
    sight raiser(brings sight up 2in) 50

    extreme rage masks (3new) 25 each
    extreme rage masks with built in fan 35

    knee pads 20
    elbow pads 15
    side arm holster 10
    -extreme rage gloves (light padding)
    finger less 8
    full finger 10
    mask bags (got lots) 3
    -splat paintball gear gloves (hard padding)
    finger less 8
    4 pod harness(holds 4 pods and 1 tank has no pods) 35
    6-2pod harrness(with pods and belt) 10
    empire hinge harness 50
    -Tactical Ten Paintball Vests(pouchs only)(they attach to the vest with velcro and buttons)
    4-140 pod pouch 25
    3-140 pod pouch 20
    3-140 pod pouch 20
    name tag pouch 15
    utillity pouch 10

    flexi swab squeegee (3new) 5
    straight shot squeegee (4new) 5
    straight shot squeegee leg holder (7new) 5

    take a look under my photo album (paintball extras (AS)

    iam looking for a pinokio hopper,agd tac one maker,hpa 70 x 4500 PSI tank
  2. Tazmania needs our help

    07 January 2010 - 09:45 AM

    Tazmania needs our help people paintball is eLegal there plz take the time to sign it just takes 5min
    it is a crime not to have fun
  3. burns feedback

    05 January 2010 - 09:36 AM

    burns feedback
  4. burns gear bag sale

    30 December 2009 - 04:58 PM

    basic bt maker100

    piranha usp (side arm) 100
    empire hinge harness 60

    pm me for pictures every thing is in great shape
  5. wtt for Tiberius Arms T9 Sniper Rifle

    22 October 2009 - 09:59 AM

    delete plz


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