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  1. Inspire BFG

    20 July 2010 - 07:15 PM

    So Im stuck between the BFG and TM7 but will likely go with the BFG due to price and the fact it can be set on fire lol, youtube it :D

    But Im wondering if you could use upgrade kits made for A5's on this marker, the barrel is A5 threaded and the stock is A5 compatible
    Im wanting to ad this http://www.rap4.com/...er-not-included
    but am unsure if it will fit the body

    also any personal experience and opinions on the marker are well appreciated and welcome
    also knowing the cons on this gun would be great

  2. TM-7 problems

    21 June 2010 - 07:20 PM

    I am wondering if the problems in the tm7 have been worked out by BT yet such as the weak selector switch and the on/off button not working
    Im not concerned with the plastic or tank being too heavy as I run a remote
    have any of you recently got a tm7, how do you like it? I mostly do CQB and love the looks so I am very interested in it
  3. Ever have one of those days...

    20 June 2010 - 10:05 PM

    where everything is just awesome and fun
    I went out saturday after not playing since november and it was so nice to be back
    we ended up playing with a stag party who had a few beers and it was all there first time

    I got some awesome shots and a few good flanks and a few of the guys on the stag party weren't to bad and I was even surprised to be bunkered by a 6,7 guy never thought a freight train could move so fast and quietly

    There were a few funny parts such as me running across the field as my pants fall down while being lit up by everyone on the field lol

    it was over all a great day with a lot of nice head shots and some nice bunkering
    the only let down was that we didn't play the larger woods ball field although playing hyper ball with 25 people was great lol
  4. Bad sportsmanship

    03 September 2009 - 05:44 PM

    One thing I can not stand is bad sportsmanship, I see it in every sport or game
    at the paintball field I see people bunkering little timmy from two feet away I see people wiping, which if caught gets them sent to the firing squad lol
    I hear it in the kids who's daddy bought them their $1800 shocker ego angle whatever and that makes everyone else a REALLY HAPPY PERSON or noob, another thing I hear is, such and such doesn't disearve that gun or what ever
    I also mountain bike a lot but there aren't many people to bike with and when I do go with them thats all they talk about is how timmy doesn't diserve that bike because he can't do a 360 or whatever, how I see it is that as long as they earned it some way or another and didnt steal it or whatever and they enjoy what they are doing they most certainly diserve it
    another one is hockey, I played on a AA team for a while and they all acted as though they had a hockey stick up their rear while the guys on the A team were there to have a good time and shoot around a puck
    I just wanted to write this and feel free to add your bad sportsmanship stories


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