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  1. BB, a little advice plz

    26 August 2009 - 06:09 PM

    K so im about to experiment with a new color scheme and was wondering what you thought BB. I was thinking this patter http://catalog.bulldogarms.com/index.php?m...image&pID=4 with duracoat colors blackhawk OD green, woodland green, and swedish K. The pattern would certainly be on the dark side but i think it has some potential. I figure you've been working with duracoat longer than i have, so whats your opinion on those colors?
  2. Bolt action loader for first strike paintballs

    26 August 2009 - 09:32 AM

    OK guys I've been thinking about this issue for about a week now and I think I have a viable solution. The problem with these new paintballs is they cannot be loaded into a gun without having to be properly aligned inside the breach. This means just dropping them into or rapidly forcing them into the hopper will not work as it does with normal paintballs. My solution: Bolt action. All that would be needed for say, an X7 or A5 mod would be to remove the cyclone feed, and in its place put an angled ball catch (angled at about 20 degrees towards the breach of the gun) specially designed to hold a single first strike round. This little catch could be attached to a slide and moved forward to insert the ball into the gun just as you might manually insert it with your hand. The slide would have to barrel role 90 degrees in order for the paintball to be able to fall, perfectly aligned, into the gun's breach. The gun could then be fired. To reload, the operator would simple pull the slide back and thereby doing another barrel role in the opposite 90 degrees so that the next paintball can sit level inside the ball catch. On top of this whole contraption is a vertical, gravity fed magazine that drops one individual round into the specially molded ball catch each time the slide is pulled back. In this way, one could load a 20 round magazine, pop it into place on top of the bolt action slide, and fire as quickly as he/she could move the slide forward to insert a round, fire, and pull it back and then forward again to load another shot. I know its hard to imagine just from my explanation, but I'm working with my friend who is a graphic designer and hopefully we can make a good picture for you guys. In the mean time though, i made a crapy little blue print in paint in order to help you understand what i mean.
  3. Duracoated X7

    23 August 2009 - 07:29 PM

    Just duracoated this X7 and was wondering what everyone thought. Used the camo-pack colors from duracoat and I think they were way too light. W/e. Tell me what you think and please be honest...