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  1. In Topic: Strange Paintball Weapons

    09 September 2009 - 06:58 AM

    last time i saw a guy whit a TPX...but he got 3 grenade launcher on it.what was worse,he was runing whit two of these things at same time...he was damit crazy
  2. In Topic: A Guide to Paintball

    25 August 2009 - 03:02 PM

    I looked at all this but I wonder if there something similar to a sniper,like an assault recon,can take out from distance whitout being seen but can still be usefull in cqc situation? Maybe an assault sniper?
  3. In Topic: Need help,i'm starting

    25 August 2009 - 08:51 AM

    View PostIrishMack, on Aug 25 2009, 08:43 AM, said:

    So I did a little bit of looking around and found a setup that would probably work well for you. For starters the BT-4 Combat $118.00, it's just as good as a Tippmann 98 but is actually better quality now then Tippmann and the company is owned by Ben Tippmann so he actually use to work with Tipmmann. Next a viewloader 200 ct loader, $8.00 now this loader will work perfectly fine for your BT, I have several of them and we use them at the summer camp I work at, eventually you may want to upgrade to a better loader but this will keep up with your gun and is extremely durable. Add to that a pure energy 20 oz co2 tank $21.57 it's a good tank, fills nice and is the ideal weight for this gun. Again this is the same setup we use at the summer camp and we love it. The final and most important piece of equipment is the goggles, I would go with a pair of Vforce Grillz, they are expensive $75.52 but work extremely well, spare no expense on that. That brings your total to about $292 so you have about 40 left to spend. I would suggest starting by making a gear kit, look into picking up a pair of allen keys you can get them for about $5.00 at most stores, you are going to want some extra o'rings and if you can just get the entire rebuild kit from the company, it's got the screws o'rings and anyother extra parts needed. With the extra money you could buy a case of paint but if you are going to be playing at a field which is the only place you should really be playing check and make sure they have a Bring Your Own Paint policy before spending money on paint.

    Please next time take your time to read all the posts,My marker is aleardy purshased.the BT4 has aleardy been given as a choice but I got something a bit better(all aluminium body rock).And even if my Alpha black is heavy,I love it when its heavy.
  4. In Topic: Need help,i'm starting

    24 August 2009 - 02:17 PM

    long time not posted,but it worth it:the marker broke my expectations.Still in good shape,never chopped any pb and perform well.the only heck is that my cocking pin is a bit shacky:it move off 1mm when grabing it,but it dont look like a serious issue.By accident I scratched it on a nail,but i'm not even sure it scratched because there is still the same paint...

    so for starter that rely more on their ability to aim 'n fire than spraying,it's a wise choice.the only upgrades that I would recomend is a flatline,
    e-grip(if you want full auto) and an expansion chamber(if they exist for Alpha Black).My 160 bucks worth it,and I dont even think about a dam hooper,my is satisfiyng me.Draxxus PB are also good,but if you want to practice,buy some cheap 'n' hard pb to keep your money.
    And for the helmet,its good but it fog a little bit and feel a bit too lossy on my face(foam dont grip on my nose).
  5. In Topic: Need help,i'm starting

    04 August 2009 - 07:36 PM

    thank for the suggestions,but I think its a bit too...late.I ar;eady purchased my marker.now the only thing that I will need in a long future is some upgrade.Looking for a X-Chamber,a stock,a better handgrip,and a drop forward.I dont think other upgrade are necessary.Anyway i'll only upgrade when I will have extra money to spend,rather enjoy my stock gun rather that finding negative points.


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