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  1. In Topic: Time for a new CAMO line...

    22 January 2010 - 06:59 PM

    As nice as hyperstealth's stuff is, it is most useful for military ops because it works best at ranges that you would use a real gun with (300-500yrds), not a paintball marker (max 200yrds). I am a big fan of digital tiger and I have begun development of my own pattern that would be most effective at mid to close range, work best in woods but not compromise breakup in grassland, and distort the wearer's shape and volume instead of just 'blending in'.

    This is how far I have gotten in pattern development so far.

    Posted Image

    Here is a quick preview of what the pattern would look like in its native environment, more pics to come hopefully.

    Posted Image

    I would like to have this pattern produced in an ACU style uniform but I am a complete newb to fabric development. If anyone could provide any information on how to print a pattern such as this on ripstop material, or would like to produce a gear line with the finished product e-mail me at falcoslyviper at gmail.com.
  2. In Topic: Spray painting T-shirts

    31 July 2009 - 02:00 AM

    I had the same idea and tried this with both a jumpsuit and a pair of cargo pants. The biggest thing that matters is base color. If your base color is not green or light brown you are going to have a hell of a time trying to use spraypaint to get a good camo pattern (if you want to you can dye the material before hand to fix that problem). You need to do one to two layers to start off with. Make sure to use light colors with lots of variation to start off with, then let them dry outside for a bit in the sun (I found this helps keep the colors in the fabric), wash them, then if necessary do it again. Now time for the stencil (be it foliage, paper, or tape), apply the stencil and paint around it with the darker colors such as dark brown, and lightly apply black. A tip for stencils: never paint an edge around you're whole stencil! allow the blotches to fade out with the rest of the pattern, this is how multicam works. Let it dry, wash the material again, do some touch ups, and you should be good to go. Doing all the drying and washing keeps the colors in, and the fabric doesn't get that painted feel (this is speaking from experience).


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