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  1. WTS Replica MICH 2001 Helmet & Save Phace Lazarus Mask

    22 November 2011 - 12:20 PM

    Replica MICH 2001 Style Helmet:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Tan color. Comes with replica hardware (not the real deal,) attached. On both sides there is a plastic rail system that will enable you to fit rails to mount various items (lights, cameras, etc.) Also on the exterior, I placed velcro patches for flags, morale patches, attaching things like lights, strobes, rear pouch for spare batteries, misc. (please note all items just listed are NOT included, this is just why the velcro is there.) Pre-installed is a replica NVG mount that from what I've heard can handle attaching mounting arms and supporting night vision goggles just fine. Looks cool even without the goggles mounted. The cut on the sides are to accomodate electronic ear protection, but this works fine for giving room for a paintball mask. On the inside, there is velcro to attach padding that is included (if more or new padding is needed, it is easily found and inexpensive.) Certain paintball masks will fit the helmet well. The best luck I had was with save phace and the jt flex pro's. Masks with similar dimensions should fit, depending on your head size of course. Asking for $50 shipped.

    Save Phace Lazarus Mask:

    Posted Image

    Comes with all items included in original package. Original lens included. Asking for $40 shipped. Please note when I received this, one of the visor mounting screws was stripped before I even touched it. This is easy to replace, but wouldn't be an issue using or not using any way. The forehead protective piece will mount with or without the 1 "lemon" screw.
  2. Stocks, grips, shroud, select fire trigger and pods

    08 August 2011 - 12:35 PM

    Attached File  DSCI0077.JPG (411K)
    Number of downloads: 23

    1. Liberty Adjustable stock (for Tippmann A5, black.)
    2. Liberty S.A.W. stock (for Tippmann A5, OD green.)
    3. BT "Delta" MP5 stock (for BT-4, this may fit Tippmann M98's, but I do not know this.)
    4. Magpul Angled foregrip gen. 2 (fits most rails, black.)
    5. Lapco "Suppressor" kit with Lapco 8inch Big Shot barrel. (the Big Shot barrel is only for Tippmann A5 or BT-4, the suppressor kit fits on most barrels. Adapters included.)
    6. Short vertical grip (fits on most rails, black.)
    7. Tippmann A5 Selector Switch trigger, Full Auto. Includes 1 battery and instructions manual. (for tippmann A5.)
    8. 100 round pod (total of six available.)

    I accept paypal, you may make any reasonable offers. I am interested in seeing all these extra go to good use. Don't hesitate to strike up some bargaining. I am willing to make trades with items for BT-4's ONLY.
  3. WTS JT Carnivore QLS and QLS Full Coverage Goggles

    04 August 2011 - 08:55 PM



    JT QLS Carnivore:

    Painted a green/tan combo. Lens have not received any impact. $30 shipped.



    JT QLS Carnivore Full Head Shield:

    Comes with a detachable full head piece. Offers complete head coverage front, top and back. Lens
    have not received any impact. $40 Shipped.
  4. A5 Accessories

    08 March 2011 - 04:57 PM

    Prices are to be discussed via PM. Throw me your offers and we'll work something out. These are spare parts I really don't need and easily looking to see them gone. Good deals to be had! I do paypal with UPS ground shipping unless specified. All items are in excellent shape, some may have a few insignificant markings as each product has seem some game time.


    Attached File  03082011017.JPG (422.29K)
    Number of downloads: 9

    Metadyne Folding Skeleton Stock.

    Liberty T6 Adjustable Stock.

    Liberty SAW Stock (Olive.)


    Attached File  03082011021.JPG (390.73K)
    Number of downloads: 10
    Attached File  03082011023.JPG (361.62K)
    Number of downloads: 8
    Attached File  03082011024.JPG (423.73K)
    Number of downloads: 14
    Attached File  03082011026.JPG (475.95K)
    Number of downloads: 14

    BT "Delta" MP5 Fore End w/8 inch barrel (will fit most barrels around 1" in diameter.)

    Trinity "Ranger" Shroud (barrel not included, shroud only. Will fit most barrels around 1" in diameter.)

    OpsGear MK48 SAW Shroud. (Comes as shown in picture. 1 top rail and a few hex screws missing. DOES NOT AFFECT THE MOUNTING OR OVERALL UNIT AT ALL.)

    Also available:

    Tippmann A5 H.E. Selector Switch (Full Auto)

    BT Delta Kit (top weaver sight and elbow attachment, SMG style mag will fit any rail system.)

    Attached File  03082011025.JPG (431.13K)
    Number of downloads: 13
  5. Improving The Attitude of The Game?

    06 February 2011 - 08:13 AM

    Hey everyone,

    For starters, this will be a long read, and I hope I can clearly state what the issue is I'd like discussion on. Also, there will be reference to players of certain ages that I will like to clarify, I am NOT looking to insult anyone or place any biased accusation. The following is a write up of my observations as a player throughout the years, and my overall feeling of paintball's atmosphere these days. Hope to get a lot of feedback from you guys. Let's read on.

    So I've been involved in paintball for about 8 years now. I started in my teens in a local tourny league on a 3 man speedball team with my best friends. After we got out of the "pro" scene, I've been dedicated to woodsball ever since. I regularly attened Big Games/Scenario Games ever since getting a taste of something more immersive than capture the flag. In my near decade of experience, I've noticed a significant change in the sport itself; for starters, just the fact that paintball is being challenged now as something else besides a sport. The point I would like to discuss my view on, as well as hear some feedback from everyone else is "does anyone else feel the quality of the game has dropped due to an overall poor attitude and negative theme? If so, how does one help to improve the quality in morale of his fellow players, which of whom he may not even know they are?"

    There is automatically the argument of "well dude, to each their own; people are going to do what they want." I've heard that time and time again, but is that really the case? With every event I go to, out of the hundreds of players around me, I only see a handful of those actually dedicated to the game. They are proud to mention the name "paintball," and have a practical take on what the game play is all about. My observation of the player populous involves mostly "young guns;" players whose age ranges from 14-18. This is a HUGE gap in maturity (not always the case,) and may very well be an uncontrollable factor. Typically with this group, you see "kids" running around with markers tricked out as "M4's" and "AK's." I have no problem with this. I had an old Tippmann A5 tricked out to that of an AR-15; very similar to the setup I would have with a real steel AR-15 (firearms lingo.) BUT...I fully recognize and appreciate the fact that paintball CANNOT be ANYTHING close to a real life situation. Unfortunately, I think this younger generation takes from what they see from the unintelegible "shooter" films and video games, and apply it to paintballing. I've had players running around barking orders, so I'm thinking "oh, good for them, they're really using their brain." Then of course, it falls utterly short when the person has NO IDEA what they're even saying (real example: "Cover Fire!" "uh...no one's shooting, you gonna move to another bunker? No? Ok, you don't need cover fire." There's players out there looking for a MILSIM feel, and that's great! I've always had a knack for realistic tactical applications in a recreational "game." On the side of paintball, I used to heavily participate in a small, nearly "exclusive" field using airsoft; which most of the players (also the founders of the field) were all veterans of deployments in campaigns, such as Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, even as far back as the near end of Vietnam and Granada. EXCELLENT experience, but airsoft declined into everything you DON'T want to be involved in.

    Back on topic, I'll reiterate that it is not my intention to bash our young guns. I'm merely stating an observation. Who knows, perhaps its the local crowd I see, perhaps elsewhere the youth is more appropriate and competant with paintball. Moving on, let me also address the older crowd; the 21+ players. From what I've seen, very few are veteran PAINTBALL players. Veterans who have appreicated the SPORT since it's birth. Then...you have the disgruntled middle class joe blow who looks to dish out some serious hurt after a long week of work. These are the guys who cuss their fellow players up and down the field, challenge and intimidate the officials, and look to put a damper into gameplay. This too is found with the young guns, don't get me wrong; we're all capable of being an a**. All in all, with a combination of immaturity and a general "unwelcoming" atmosphere, how can new players get in the game with such a negative experience? And how can the veteran players actually enjoy themselves with all the negativity and lack luster of a "good game?"

    What do you guys think can be done? Can anything be done? How does one make a good game with lacking quality?


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