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  1. annoying me

    07 October 2008 - 11:30 AM

    idk if theres one posted already. but whats annoying me is watch videos of people just simple getting shot by a paintball and dont have the masks on. i dont know if theres been a post like it. but i think its dumb just to stand to there get shot to be cool and get post it on the internet.
  2. today sucked

    05 October 2008 - 08:22 PM

    went paintball today. started off bad i only had a 2 hours to play before i had to go to work. two guys that didnt know where the field was. they were running late i had to go meet them cut it down to basically and 1 1/2 of playing. first couple games went okay the last game that i played was the bad one. the last game i played was medic. this medic version is one on each team but the other team dont know. after getting into a battle with a guy one finally broke but he had faster full auto then me and i was yelling im out im out still shooting me then i feel one hit the back of my head so i yell some more then looked around saw no one. a minute goes by another one hits me same spot and i yelled im out a teammate by said u shooting u own guy. at that point i was ready to throw my gun at him from being so mad. this game if u get out u sit down and have u gun pointing up to let the other team and ur teammates u out and u yell medic if he gets to u. u get tagged in. and i also was in a bad spot cuz people where shooting around me so that didnt help and i couldnt move my gun to one spot with out someone not seeing it. and i couldnt move from the spot
  3. get the jersey and pants or the vest

    09 September 2008 - 09:50 PM

    im stuck on what to get first the broadsword so digi then get the fusions or the fusions then the vest?



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