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  1. Ohhh Heyyy there

    05 November 2012 - 07:21 PM

    So i've been away from this forum for a good year now...

    Hows everyone doing?
  2. SO Digi Fusion X / Fusion 7 Jersey

    14 February 2011 - 02:53 AM

    First Item here is a pair of Special ops Fusion X

    Size: Large
    Condition (pants): 8.5 /10
    Condition (Jersey): 7.5/10 (has a very small rip in the mesh at the left wrist, and some paint stains on the cuffs)
    Purpose of sale: started a new team, Multi cam is what we decided to go with
    Price (jersey): $30
    Price (pants) : $50
    $65 if you take both
    Shipping: you pay
    Payment: PayPal or cash if we meet in person (i live in Chicago)

    Not interested in any trades at the moment, i already have Multicam pants, and our jerseys are being made by Kohn.

    Pictures available upon request, just send me an email at paintball.thumper89@gmail.com with "Special ops Fusion X Sale"

    Next Item is a Fusion 7 Jersey
    : sold
    Size: XL
    Condition: 8.5/10 - worn only twice in a paintball game
    purpose of sale: never no use for it
    Price: $25
    Shipping: you pay
    Payment: PayPal - or cash if we meet in person (i live in Chicago)
    Not interested in any trades at the moment.
    Pictures available upon request, just send me an email at paintball.thumper89@gmail.com with "Special ops Fusion 7 jersey"

    Final Item

    Special ops paintball basic pistol holster
    i have no use for this pistol and just want it gone, fits most pistols just fine, perfect for you "last stand" perk. taking the pistol out is easy, putting it back in can be a challenge for some.
    condition: 10/10 (never use in a game, never taken to the field, just sat in a closet for a year and half)
    size: adjustable
    price: $15
    shipping: you pay
    payment: Paypal or cash if we meet in person (yea, i live in Chicago still)
    no trades
    can send pics, just send me an email or PM
  3. The super bowl

    06 February 2011 - 06:24 PM

    worse half time show ever..
  4. The Enforcers

    21 January 2011 - 05:06 PM

    me and a couple of guys have started a team!

    we are getting custom made jerseys by Kohn, they will be Multicam.

    our first event will be Living Legends 4, we are playing with the Duke side.

    we will have 3 team practices up until the event

    Practice locations:
    Ohare paintball
    Paintball Explosion
    and a recon / practice at CPX sports.

    dates are currently TBA, if anyone is interested in upping their game, and loves having a good time with great people. post here or send me a PM.

    happy balling!

  5. Living Legends 4

    31 December 2010 - 12:08 AM

    Date: May 21st, and 22nd.
    Location: Cpx Sports, Joliet Illinois.

    This is year 4 of the Living Legends scenario game.
    this years theme is: Escape from New York.

    $50 pre reg
    $15 air
    $75 case of paint (pre order, $80 day of)

    the pre registration page is live, but the team selection still has last years team names.


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  1. Photo


    24 Aug 2011 - 16:11
    Dude...you still kickin?
  2. Photo


    22 Jan 2011 - 16:34
    haha you little pump master ninja!
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    22 Jan 2011 - 16:06
    *Barrel tag* Hi there!
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    19 Sep 2010 - 22:17
    Sorry man, just bad communication. Didn't want to miss TD, but I'll catch the next one!
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    15 Sep 2010 - 17:10
    Tell them...I live.
    School just started a few weeks ago, we already have stupid parent teacher conferences, and it has been a truckload of work.
    And MOATI never sent me anything. Dangit. E-mailed him a week or so ago, no reply. I know he's busy with everything...but I thought it'd be done like 2 months ago.
    How's things?
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    06 Sep 2010 - 23:28
    Yea wth?
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    07 Aug 2010 - 20:25
    How did you do?
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    17 Jul 2010 - 17:05
    Oh, and good luck with the tanks!
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    17 Jul 2010 - 17:04
    I'll think about it. I haven't been to even one game yet this year. Is that date over labor day weekend???
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    17 Jul 2010 - 09:07
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    29 Mar 2010 - 18:34
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    01 Mar 2010 - 10:22
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