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  1. 98 custom super response

    18 December 2009 - 08:39 PM

    hey guys i recently did a complete super response modification to my 98 custom and it works great... with co2.

    unfortunately as soon as i put my compressed air tank on it i couldnt get it to shoot bursts. it was like shooting a stock 98. i figured that maybe the tank could have had a significantly lower pressure output than co2 but it says it has a preset 800psi output.

    so im wondering if anyone else here has had a similar problem or a possible explanation.

    it does work excellently with co2 but i would prefer to use compressed air because the iceing-over caused by the liquid co2 is a major drawback that i would like to eliminate through the use of HPA

    thanks in advance for any possible advice or explanation
  2. redz pepper stickz vs. SLY kit

    16 August 2009 - 11:09 PM

    alright im going to be buying an invert mini sometime in the next few months and im just trying to find out some good mods i can get for it and obviously the barrel kit is a pretty important part of any setup.

    so, ive narrowed my choices down to the redz pepper stickz or the sly kit with a 14'' front

    i like the redz pepper stickz because they have a long barrel back and come with both two fronts and 4 backs for only $110
    the sly is carbon fiber which i would prefer but their backs are very short and then i need to buy a front seperately for a total of $175

    at the moment im leaning towards the redz but i would really like to hear from some of you guys who have seen these barrels in action or own them.
    any feedback about either barrel would be really appreciated
  3. where can i buy upgrades for the old impulse?

    13 August 2009 - 08:25 AM

    hey guys, Ive always used tippmanns so i relied on special ops for buying upgrades but now im thinking about buying an old impulse. I know action village has some bolts, triggers, and barrels but i don't see any boards there for the impulse and i don't want to buy an impulse unless i know of a website where i can get the upgrades i want. so if any of you guys know of a place with a good selection of parts/boards for the impulse please let me know

  4. tigerstripe 98

    09 August 2009 - 04:30 PM

    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

    took me a full week to finish this between milling off the letters and the fact that each coat of gree required 48 hours to dry, but im pretty happy with it. one mistake i made was putting a little bit too much clear coat on that bar-like part of the stock but i guess that comes with practice.

    so, what do you guys think?
  5. multiple errors with order 100009241

    30 June 2009 - 08:23 PM

    this order ( #100009241 ) was placed a bit more than 2 weeks ago which i can live with because it was stated that one of those items (320 0171 21: BLACKCELL-MOLLE TIBERIUS 8/9 HOLSTER) was special order and would take about 2 weeks to ship.

    The first thing i realized was wrong was that i never got a confirmation e-mail for the order.

    Then after about a week or so i also realized that i never recieved points on my brigade account.

    Finally once the order did arrived i was quite upset to realize that neither the tpx pistol or forge light vest back had been shipped and i then realized that they werent even on the pack slip. at that point i remembered that i never printed out a copy of the order after i placed it so i have no way of proving they were ordered.

    i dont mind having to re-do the order of these 2 items so long as i was not charged for them, which i am lead to believe by their absence on the packing slip. i would simply like to report these errors and hope to be accredited with brigade points for the items i did recieve in order ( 100009241 ). if a member of the special ops staff could also inform me wether or not i was charged for those 2 other items that will also be helpful.


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