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  1. Good goggles for people with glasses

    12 June 2009 - 07:24 AM

    I know this has been a much debated topic in the past, but i can't find a thread that pertains to all the newer masks on the market. Obviously i wear glasses and i was wondering if anyone knew of a good goggles that are comfortable and don't fog too much. I was leaning towards the avatar, what do yall think?
  2. Custom Autococker for Sale

    11 June 2009 - 02:18 PM

    Hi all,

    Iím looking to sell my autococker. It is a fully custom gun, with no stock parts left on it, except maybe the pump rod. This gun originally started out as a 2001 WGP autococker, but over the years I have completely modified the gun. The total amount of money I spent on this gun including the original gun is about $1400. This gun is still fully mechanical, and is timed perfectly for a nice short stroke, I just used it two weeks ago and it still work amazingly. This gun is pretty close to as good as a mech autococker can be. Here is a rundown of everything this gun has; I finished building this gun back in 2003 so Iíll try to remember everything that is in it.

    - custom blue and chrome lightweight body with clamping feed neck and pre drilled for eyes
    - lightweight back block
    - powerlight .45 double trigger frame w/ dye sticky grip
    - CP front reg
    - flamed drop forward w/ on/off asa
    - WGP venturi bolt
    - after market hammer and spring kit
    - planet e front pneumatics w/ qevs
    - dye boomstick included
    - stiffi switch carbon fiber barrel kit included

    $350 obo i'll pay the shipping.

    Iíll also include all the original parts and you can rebuild the original gun if you like. I have full schematic print outs of the gun too, which will help you assemble, modify, and maintain the gun. So you pretty much get two guns for one. This is a really good deal and you'll see that Iím including the barrels too.

    I used to play on a 5 man speedball team in high school and college, but I only play a couple times a summer now and I only play woodsball and big games now. I'm looking to sell this to buy a milisim gun like a 98c or SP-1, something low maintenance and durable. I broke my hopper lid and my mask lens is cracked too, so Iíd like to use some of the money replacing them.

    I'll try to post some pictures tonight when i get home from work.
  3. Green Mini

    09 June 2009 - 02:23 PM

    does anybody know where you can buy a green mini? i can't seem to find one anywhere.
  4. My tank needs testing

    02 June 2009 - 07:38 AM

    Hey guys,
    as of last month my tank needs to be hydrostatically tested. is there any place that does this in the minneapolis area?
  5. I need a suggestion

    01 June 2009 - 05:52 PM

    I need help with a suggestion for a new marker. i'm looking for something easy to maintain, accurate, durable, and moderately priced. i really don't care about fire rate or noise. i haven't played in about 5 years. back in the day i had a 99 custom built autococker, great performance but the maintenance and tuning of an autococker can get annoying, i would like something more simple. we used to play 5 man speedball in highschool and college, but now i'm interested in big games and woodsball. I was leaning towards an Ion, but i've heard good and bad things. honestly its very hard to find a good review or opinion. i love the look of the SP-8 but it sounds like most people consider it over priced. any suggestions?


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