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Pain makes me laugh, seriously.
24 years old
March 6, 1990
Male Male
Aldergrove, British Columbia
Well, clearly paintball. I also am a tech person, and I love my video games. What tech person does not? Skateboarding is probably the second best sport ever. Music plays a large part in my personality, rap is not music by the way, and the Beastie Boys are not rap.

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  1. M4 Style Mag

    18 December 2009 - 11:21 PM

    I can find every part I need to make an M4 (or in my country, a C7, which is the same gun) except the mag and well to match. Does anyone know of where i can get em? I can't find one, it's ridiculous. SpecOps should make one for the 98 series marker. Maybe a kit that's basically the mag and well attached and put onto the marker with a pin to fit into the foregrip pin slot, and then maybe some sort of clip down object to hold it in place? adunno, i can think of a few ways to do it but I feel that the AK mag you guys have (here) would be the most effective method.
  2. Serial Kickings

    31 October 2009 - 11:39 PM

    I live and work in Langley, and apparently there's a serial groin kicker in the town. Some woman is busting balls quite literally.

    Upon reading the header of the article, all that came to mind was "Cocknocker" from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but Mark Hamill is too cool, smart and enough of a man to not kick people in the dong. What kind of human being does that though? One dude lost a testicle because of her...i hope that our parents were right with saying "what goes around, comes around" and by that i mean someone punt her so hard she loses an ovary.
  3. The Great Misdirect

    31 October 2009 - 12:17 AM

    Newst album, came out Tuesday the 27th of October. Sounds great, it's an interesting idea, following the lead Colors had. They went from incoherent vocals and death metal aspects, to a more unique aspect. Alaska was the turning point, both the Self Titled album and Silent Circus were more solid progressive death metal, but Alaska came out and was more technical, and became a more mathematical metal. Colors was a very good album, especially since it felt like one large song. This album is looking like it is doing the same, but it's quite good in my opinion. 2 good albums came out this year. Deflorate by Black Dahlia Murder and this album I'm posting about. Who's given it a listen, and what are your thoughts? If you like technical music, give em a try if you've never heard em.
  4. EGo 10

    01 October 2009 - 12:35 PM

    http://www.planeteclipse.com/egoten/ it's a neat website, so i thought i'd share.
  5. Have you ever?

    04 July 2009 - 04:19 PM

    Been so unimaginably bored that you're getting frustrated? I feel this right now. I don't want to play any games, I have nothing to work on, and nobody is around to do stuff with. Wishing to paintball, but there's nobody around to do so.



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  1. Photo


    03 Jul 2009 - 19:56
    Why thank you.
    I comment so because 'tis my favorite screen name I've seen so far. :)
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    03 Jul 2009 - 19:13
    I ever told you how much your name pwns?
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    09 Jun 2009 - 22:18
    Sorry for misuderstanding you.
    I was just getting on edge with how odin was acting
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