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  1. What is Fixed output pressure?

    20 May 2009 - 06:49 PM

    I've been looking over air tanks and I keep reading about a "fixed output pressure". Specifically, I was shopping crossfire tanks (as I was told they are the best) and I saw that red tanks have a fixed output pressure of 800psi and the blue tanks have a set pressure of 450 psi. What is this and how does this affect my marker and the flight of my ball, and which would be best?
  2. Is CO2 that bad?

    20 May 2009 - 03:22 PM

    I've been seeing more and more post about people switching to HPA tanks because CO2 tanks are bad for the environment. It's obvious why they say it is bad, but it made me wonder exactly how the CO2 is obtained. I would like to know because if CO2 is extracted from the air somehow, than it can't be very harmful as using CO2 tanks would only be returning the CO2 back into the atmosphere. If someone could shed some light on this subject, it would be much appreciated.
  3. A-5 vs. 98 vs. Ion vs. Mini

    17 May 2009 - 03:47 PM

    I've been playing paintball for about a month now and I am ready to replace my Brass Eagle T-storm for a better marker. I'm a woodsball player and I've found that I prefer to flank the other team and attack from a medium/close range. Due to this style of play, I need a gun that is small, light, and can take some mild abuse. I want a gun that has decent accuracy, but more importantly that can fire at a decent rate of speed without emptying all my paint in 2 minutes. I'm trying to limit the amount i spend to under $400 (for marker, tank, hopper and belt/tank) but I am willing to spend and upwards of $500 if it is truly worth the money. From what I've looked at, the markers I am interested are:

    Smart parts Ion / 68ci 4500 psi fiber wrap hpa tank / tank cover / electric hopper. I have estimated this for about $355. The downside is I've heard a lot about the low quality of the Ion and its stock parts.

    Invert Mini / 68ci 4500 psi fiber wrap hpa tank / electric hopper. I've estimated this for about $490. This is more than I want to spend but I'm told that it is well worth the money compared to the other guns. Personally I am slightly opposed to the Mini as I feel it is too small (after my friend let me use his).

    A-5 w/ egrip / 68ci 4500 psi fiber wrap hpa tank. Estimated at about $430. Downside to this gun is its weight and size. I don't plan on using the auto/burst fire modes from the egrip (due to field rules and because Tippmann doesn't offer hair triggers), and only want it for the lighter trigger for faster semi-auto fire. This gun leaves a lot for me to upgrade later on, such as a flatline barrel and a double trigger.

    98 custom w/ etrigger / 98c 4500 psi fiber wrap hpa tank / Cyclone feed loader. Estimated at about $410. I would only prefer this over the A-5 due to the size and weight. I like it for the same reasons as the A-5

    Any feedback or reviews on these guns is appreciated, and if you know of another marker that might suite me and is in my price range please let me know.
    Thanks :D


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