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20 years old
June 22, 1994
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near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Woodsball/Scenarioball/Milsim.<br />Hunting.<br />Quadding.<br />Soccer.

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  1. Chest rig??

    19 April 2010 - 07:36 PM

    Hey everybody.

    Looking for some help here.
    I've had all winter to get a setup ready but so far the only conclusion I've come to is that I need a chest rig.
    I want to stay EXTREMELY light, agile and mobile.
    I run a Tiberius Arms T9 so I'm gonna need room for mag pouches.
    Other secondary or possibly unneeded things are a SMALL dump pouch, something to hold some 10rd tubes.
    Also needed are space for a snack bar or 3 and a small/light camelbak.
    I'm going to join the Alberta Milsim Group (which the Bugstompers team founded) this summer so that means HARDCORE 10 hour MILITARY SIMULATION scenarios so I need to be atleast semi sustainable.
    Color must be OD green or Multicam (Multicam is preferred but is not viable if its MUCH more expensive then just OD)
    NOTHING ON MY LEGS, BACK (besides the camelbak), OR WAIST (unless it's tiny and won't impede movement at all).

    So far I've been thinking about the:
    TT Mini Mav https://dstactical.com/product_info.php?cPa...d754566f33d97a9
    Milsig mag pouches (over m4 pouches because of the smaller profile/size) http://www.milsig.ca/store/index.php?main_...products_id=343

    But that still leaves:
    snack bars
    water (small/light camelback)
    small dump pouch
    10 rd tube ?holder?

    And will I even be able to fit all of that on the rig? Is there a SLIGHTLY bigger chest rig available in Canada?

    (As a side note I have heard of the ExtremeStitchworks/FEAR P3 pack and even though it looks like a great product I'm not interested because it is still a podpack (which isn't even allowed at the AMG [Alberta Milsim Group]).

    I need all of this from a small chest rig. Suggestions??? xD Help would be VERY, VERY much appreciated.
  2. Omnipat in green enviroments?

    07 February 2010 - 12:47 PM

    Can anyone tell me how well Omnipat works in environments such as a lush, green forest?
    (Any testimonials/opinions on Omnipat in general are also welcome)
  3. Dragunov Tiger prohibited in Canada?

    07 January 2010 - 09:28 PM

    Does anyone know if the sporting variant of the Dragunov (Tiger/Tigr/Tigre) is listed as a Prohibited firearm (or Restricted)in Canada?

    I would think not b/c:
    The barrel is longer then 18.5 inches.
    It wouldn't have a folding or retractable stock.
    5 round magazines are what I would be using.

    (If it makes a differance, I'm not sure if I would buy it in 7.62x54R or .308)
  4. E-vent vs Grill?

    01 January 2010 - 01:04 AM

    Looking to buy a new mask. Wondering what everyone's opinion is.
    Need a mask that will allow me to sight down my marker when using a red dot/scope (about to invest in First Strike for my T9) so in other words the lower the profile and the more flexible, the better.
  5. rate this setup

    01 July 2009 - 11:33 PM

    K just as an idea:

    T9 with:
    Lapco 16" str8shot with apex
    Longbow system
    3 Longbow mags with mag pouch
    3 T9 mags with co2 quick punctures on a tactical belt that has 2 mag pouches
    Sight riser with the Tiberius Scope (4x magnification, illuminated, built in range finder)
    (No bipod, flashlight, laser, and other useless/unneeded/heavy stuff on the T9 Elite)

    this way u have 84 shots
    4x scope for taking advantage of apex and for scouting/spotting/recon

    I wouldn't be doing to much ambushing but more like the role of a soviet sniper/squad sniper/designated marksman)
    i would be using this for spotting and taking out/suppressing the opfor at slightly longer ranges

    what do u think?
    (i do know i wont be making UB3R L0NG SN1P3RZ KILLz and that there is no comparison to military snipers and paintball snipers and the ballistics of paintballs and bullets and completely different)


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