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  1. In Topic: HALO REACH, Noble Team Last Stand

    21 January 2011 - 10:01 AM

    I guess I can throw my 2 cents in. It was a great game, I had a wonderful time, thanks to everyone.

    I liked the barrier to keep the red tanks from rolling right up on our base all weekend long. I liked the tanks being forced to funnel through the hyper field and take the long way around to pin us down. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a gap in the fence wide enough for just one person at a time to fit through. It would stop the tanks, but allow some players to fight their way through that small opening. IMO if one team is being dominated or held in their base they need as many options as possibile to have a chance to push out.

    I think everything was made pretty clear at the briefing. The refs on the field did a good job of keeping things straight. I realize they will always miss something, but you can't expect a confusion free game for an entire weeked when the player out number the refs 10 to 1. Also throw in that the refs are always being pulled away to sign missions, walk with tanks, etc... How many does that even leave to oversee the big firefights? I think they did a really good job overall.

    On the hunters... I played as one for the blue side with my brother on Saturday and my son on Sunday. Severely overpowered, and I never used a shield or the mobile bunkers. Headshots taking out the hunters will change things greatly and will even them out a little more. It was just too easy to sit in the trench for almost 2 hours on Sunday with no way to be killed. I could lay there with my chest against the dirt and stay posted on the red team the entire time. I had to eat a ton of paint, but it was just impossible to hit that small square on my back when they couldn't get close enough to ever see it. I thought the jetpacks were fine, kudos to the red player that dropped it to take me out of that tower near the red base.

    Great game old one, I'll be back for more of them.
  2. In Topic: War Games 2010 Bradenton Florida

    02 November 2010 - 03:41 PM

    Can I e-mail the completed reg form with a CC#?
  3. In Topic: First Strike Paintball 24 hour game

    10 November 2009 - 12:47 PM

    Sorry to be a little off topic, but is the fax number on the first post pre-reg correct? I can't get mine to go through. Thanks, looking forward to this weekend.


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