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  1. East TN: House Mnt. Scenario Paintball Campout Game - May 14th - 16th

    21 March 2010 - 08:45 PM

    House Mountain Scenario Paintball Campout Game

    DATE CHANGED: May 21st-23rd.

    Due to some previously unforeseen scheduling conflicts for a majority of our regular players the date has been changed. Hopefully this will free up some of the guys playing at Hiatt's the weekend before.

    Friday afternoon is when we will be setting up camp and maybe playing some scrimmage games or 1 v. 1 / 2 v. 2 etc. and then maybe a night game or two that evening. Saturday will be the main scenario game day and will also include some dusk and night games. Sunday morning we generally just pack up and go home. Camping out is optional, you can camp out Friday – Sunday or Saturday / Sunday, just bring your gear if you want to or if you would rather just play on Saturday that’s fine too. Everyone will be camping out at the same site this time so everyone can freely fraternize with each other in the evenings.

    Those camping out Friday – Sunday can show up any time after 2pm Friday. Those playing just Saturday are expected to show up around 8am to check in and game play will start at 10am.

    *Game Format*

    To those who played the last scenario camp out game, this go around we’re not going to be so extreme with the team separation and score keeping like we tried last time. Our plan is to try to mix and match teams up as evenly as possible and possibly switch things up half way through the game so everyone gets a chance to play together and against each other.

    All games will be voluntary and we are going to focus more on just having a good time playing paintball than keeping score though we will try to arrange a few longer games where the teams can win some small door prizes.

    Most games will be 1hr to 30 minute scenarios with supply refill breaks in between. Some scenarios we’ve played before and some will be new. The key is that each game will have a set start time and will start regardless of who is ready but players can jump in once they are. (Sorry guys, when you have 20-30 people it’s just too much for everyone to have to wait 15 minutes for 1 player to fix their gun.)

    Also, we are going to work hard to make night play a little easier by lighting up key areas of the field.

    *Paint & Air*

    We have a portable HPA and CO2 station now that we will keep at the field entrance for faster refills and much easier access.

    We have a chrono station now and expect all players to chrono their guns to no more than 300fps. This will be checked by one of the game organizers before you enter the game.

    This game is BYOP (Bring your own paint). We just ask that you avoid bringing super cheap paint that can hurt people (i.e. JT Monster). If you’re not sure the paint you are bringing is ok just email me and I will let you know.

    We will try to bring a few extra cases of decent paint just in case but since BEAST Paint is no longer in business we can no longer get bulk pricing on paint. Expect extra cases to cost between $45-$60 depending on brand and if we can score a discount from a vendor.

    *Food & Drinks*

    Bring your own food and drinks. Be sure to bring plenty of water. Alcohol is not prohibited by the land owner BUT we do not allow drinking before or during a game. Illegal drugs are MOST DEFINITELY PROHIBITED. If it is obvious that you are under the influence of either before or during a game you will be asked to leave the field. There is plenty of time AFTER the night games to share a few beers and bar stories around the campfire.

    Please be respectful of the land and pickup after yourself and take your trash with you. We ask that you DO NOT burn plastic and Styrofoam in the campfire while people are trying to prepare their food or sitting close to the campfire.


    ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN A LIABILITY RELEASE WAIVER! If you have already signed one please let me know when you arrive so I can confirm.

    Teams will be Red vs. Blue. Instead of colored tape we will have red and blue Velcro straps you are required to wear one on each arm with nothing to conceal them.

    All body hits will count head to toe. We will hold a group vote to see if guns hits will be counted.


    We are really going to do our best to nail down the safety rules. Though this is a backwoods scenario game we still need to observe safety no different than if we were at a professional field.

    Wear your mask on the field at ALL TIMES.

    Barrel Bags & Safeties are expected to be on all guns when you are not on the playing field. The only shooting permitted off the field will be at the chrono table.

    Intentionally excessive shooting will result in a 2 for 1.

    10ft rule applies. If you get within 10ft of a player from the opposite team they are out. Sorry guys, No Bunkering.

    Please try to keep the language and general game play clean on the field.

    We will have a handful of volunteer refs that will rotate for each game and they will enforce the game rules on and off the field.


    If you are camping out we just ask you chip in $10 to help cover the field supplies and port pottie rental.

    Air Fee = $20 (Unlimited HPA or CO2 Fri. & Sat.) / $10 Saturday Only

    Bringing your own paint & air and only playing Saturday? We’re just asking you to chip in a measly $5 to cover field supplies and port pottie rental.

    At the very most you will be out $30 + paint.


    If you are interested in playing please PM me or shoot me an email at rkadunce@comcast.net and let me know if you plan on camping out or just playing on Saturday. Also, please let me know how many people you are bringing if they/you will require HPA or CO2 so we can gauge how many tanks we need to rent out. You don’t have to pay up until you show up to play.

    If you have any other questions about the game please let me know. If it starts to look like mother nature is going to give us a hard time we will do our best to coordinate a new date with everyone.


    20+ Acres in Corryton, TN

    The landowner is private. Please PM me for location details.

    Sorry if this already coincides with another game somewhere else but we honestly can't coordinate with every game at every field within 100 mile radius. It is what it is.

    Here's some pics from the last Sun. game we had in November.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  2. FS: Dangerous Power SE Green/Black w. Virtue Board, TBO Trigger + Mo

    28 February 2010 - 06:59 PM

  3. My Side Fed SP1 Project

    27 February 2010 - 06:05 PM

    Just finishing up a project that I have been slowly working on in the winter months. Since my SP1 is my main woodsball marker I really wanted something I could mount a sight in the center of.

    Stock your only option on an SP1 is to mount a scope on the side. After I sold my Tiberius T9 I finally came up with an answer to my problem.

    This has been tested and works like a charm with all my hoppers.


    • SP1 w/ Blackheart Board & Eyes
    • TechT L7 Bolt
    • Dangerous Powers 2nd Gen RAPS ASA
    • Empire Dovetail Rail
    • Heavily Modified Body and Blackheart Firing Can (Tiberius T9 Side Feed Adapter)
    • Kila Magnetic Detents
    • Shaved Double Trigger
    • Empire 45 Grips
    • Liberty Stock and SP1 Adapter
    • Custom Tiger Woodland Camo Paintjob
    • Trinity Locking Feedneck Clamp
    • Macroline Hose and Fittings (not pictured)
    • J&J Ceramic Barrel
    • Stiffi C Series Barrel w/ APEX Tip (Not Pictured)

    Future Upgrades:
    • Virtue Board (Ordered and on the way)
    • Custom Wood 45 Grips

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  4. RobertK's Feedback

    22 December 2009 - 09:39 PM

    Post Away!
  5. RobertK's Gearbag Sale

    12 December 2009 - 06:58 PM

    Went through all my old stuff and I need to get rid of this stuff else the wife is gonna start chunking in the garbage while I'm at work one day.

    My Rules:

    1. I only accept Paypal and US Postal Money Orders.
    2. You ship first unless you have more feedback than I do.
    3. My stuff works, once it leaves my house it's your responsibility. This includes anything that happens in shipping. Shipping insurance is your responsibility to request and pay for.
    4. Please refrain from crapping on my thread.
    5. There is no spoon.
    6. If Paying with Paypal please add 3%... Please :)


    HPA & CO2 Tanks
    Crossfire 68/4500
    Pure Energy 50/4500
    Guerrilla Air 48/3000 Steelie

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    The PE tank has a small spot where the previous owner patched a small chip with composite resin. Otherwise I've used this tank many times without any issues.
    Posted Image

    Dye Rhino & NXE Tank Covers
    Posted Image

    Frankstein Halo and Reloader Hoppers.
    I built these hoppers out of extra parts and used them for woodsball or as backups. All work great and have custom camo paintjobs.
    Posted Image

    Smoke Halo hopper in mint condition with original box. Used one time.
    Posted Image

    RARE Empire Reloader Niteloader
    Used for playing night games with glow in the dark paintballs.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Seventh Element Blue Laser Eyes for DP Fusion F7 or F8
    Posted Image

    Remote Lines
    Posted Image

    Old School JT Mask and Invert 20/20 without fan.
    Both in good condition.

    Posted Image

    Invert 20/20 Mask with Fan and custom tiger camo paint.
    Posted Image

    JT Straps - Olive and Blue Flames
    Posted Image

    Misc. Pod Packs
    Posted Image

    Garmin eTrex Personal GPS - Great for Scenario Games
    Posted Image

    Invert Mini Stock Optimus v. 1.2 Board (Mini v2 Board)
    Posted Image

    5th Gen 30GB iPod
    Got this as part of a trade on PBNation. The screen has some deal pixels which is annoying when playing video but doesn't effect the functionality. Still works great but you will need to download iTunes to upload your MP3s to it.
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    SanDisk Sansa 4GB MP3 Player
    Works great, has MicroSD expansion slot, also plays video.

    Posted Image


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