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21 years old
June 1, 1993
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Boston, MA
Music: Last Summer Down, P.O.D., Rise against, Lecrae, 3 doors down, THI'SL, Demon Hunter, O.A.R., Chris Cornell

I practice Martial Arts as well
I like to play hockey, soccer, hiking, biking, golf, fishing, and any competition based game.

Books: The Art of War, Shadow Warrior, Imperial Grunts, See no evil, Inside Delta Force, The Coming Anarchy, Why nations go to war

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Invictusone  Officially now lives in Boston

Jun 21 2011 02:34 PM

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Invictusone  Getting fired up for the paintball season, as I just secured a practice field for my team. Sadly, its been getting colder and snowing. I NEED to go play... whens the winter over?

Feb 08 2011 03:48 PM

Invictusone  replied to kaosukoden's  status
Feb 09 2011 02:49 PM


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    04 Apr 2011 - 06:53
    Check the Forum, Meatcircus from team Hand of Fate was there taking pics & put a link to a photosite. Also, Sly from RavenPaintball took a reported 1300 pics & has been sorting thru them in an effort to get them posted in the next week or so. The forum typically has pics within a few days from the various photogs, but the website takes a while because they assemble what they can from ...
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    27 Mar 2011 - 19:16
    Honestly, I was glad to see it that way... it was obviously tough as an Odd Ball, but as a Kelly w/ more numbers we were able to overwhelm the handful of Germans at Suribachi & hold it, plus quickly find all our boxes, then help Odd Ball w/ the few they hadn't gotten to yet. In a situation like that where we were only split for a short amount of time it worked out well.
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    27 Mar 2011 - 18:26
    Anytime you think you can make it out, let me know here so we can play side-by-side again. I promise I'll try to remember to look for you, lol.
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    27 Mar 2011 - 18:18
    Hey man, awesome getting to meet & play along side you yesterday! Glad you found me & said something right at the start - I have a horrible habit of talking to guys on forums then forgetting to look for them when I get to the field, I'm usually too psyched to get out & play to remember. Again, great seeing you & looking forward to WaW in 3 weeks! See you then man.
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