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  1. SOP original manufacturer of hard goods

    09 July 2011 - 06:31 AM

    Hey SOP forums, it's been at least a year since I've been through here...

    Would anyone know who was manufacturing hard goods, specifically things like stocks and the agd longbow kit, back when those things were around? I'm interested in getting a longbow kit and I'm sick of waiting for then to come up for sale, and usually being way to late to buy them. For some reason I seem to recall that it was a company by the name of metadyn manufacturing but I may be way out of left field... Any clues or inputs would be awesome. And anyone reading this who owns a AGD Longbow kit, I will pay the original price you paid plus a bonus if you would sell in reasonable condition.

  2. WTB Longbow Kit for AGD Tac-1

    03 November 2009 - 07:19 PM

    I was about to buy the last remaining one from SO when there was an error with my Canadian credit card... Yay! not...
    Now I want the Longbow kit for my tac-1 and i can't get it. If anyone out there has one in decent condition and would like to part with it i would be happy to buy it from you. Depending on wear and tear and whatnot my price is very reasonable at 180$.
  3. A Local Paintball Store/Lounge/Field

    15 March 2009 - 01:02 PM

    I've been tossing an Idea around my head for a little while, it all started with the reading of John Amodea's Blog(link), the Ex-Editor of PB2X magazine. His blog deals mainly with the issues concerning our sport and his views on various subjects, if you haven't read it I highly recommend that you do. One of the things he touches on are ways store owners can use to get people to want to spend time(and money) at their stores. From this I thought about what paintball players like to do; obviously we like to play, we like to watch others play and we Love to talk shop. If anyone of you have ever been to a skateboard "proshop" you've probably noticed a few guys who just like to hang out and talk with other 'boarders and look at the latest products I was trying to think of a way to incorporate all of this and this is my Brainchild:...

    One of the reasons I enjoy playing speedball is that the games are short and there is a good amount of time between games to just "hang-out" and talk about the game, the culture around it or just anything. Most paintball fields aren't the ideal place to "hang-out"; furniture is crude and uncomfortable, food is overpriced and you're paying so much to be there that it really isn't worth it, one indoor field around here has taken that into consideration. They have an indoor field with the largest "proshop" around and they are situated in the middle of Montreal(a big city), there's a 3 man speedball field with all-around netting to one side and a decent lounge area next to it. What I have found is that plenty of players go there just to watch a few games and talk to fellow players. They make better sales because all these guys are hanging around "in" their store talking about the latest gadgets and watching players play with the equipment that they were already thinking of buying. Moreover when people come in just to buy they have plenty of "models" sporting the equipment that they can just point to and go; "yeah the '09 dye pants are pretty nice if you just want to look over there you can see johnny playing with a pair, I'm sure he wouldn't mind answering your questions". So the store boosts sales, the players love the spot 'cause they can just come in at any time to see whats up and talk to there buddies. The environment is great because you feel like you belong, you know people; like the feeling you have when you play on a team... The idea would be that instead of making fields and stores designed to give "service" to clients, you include the players in the process and make them feel welcome. Host events(not necessarily relating to paintball), have a lounge where players can just watch the action, provide lockers so regulars can leave their stuff so they don't have to drag it with them all the time, have some snacks and drinks for sale a decent prices, have a field or range so potential clients can test markers and gear... There is so much more that can be done.

    I'm posting this for a few reasons. The first is to see whether other people think the idea is interesting(think about it, you could be spending your daily forum time at an actual field hanging out with players for no cost and watching live games). The second is to give ideas to any current or potential field/store owners. My final reason is that if the response is very positive I'm considering investing some money and becoming a business owner, if I think it is do-able and potentially successful.
  4. Need the final word on the "new" Q-Loaders

    15 March 2009 - 11:30 AM

    Before anyone mentions the search button I would just like to say that I did search(both here and my other forums) and I can't find conclusive information about the quality, durability and reliability of the "new" Q-Loaders. I've been out of the paintball forum "loop" for a while and haven't been able to find hard facts about Ancient Innovations products after the buy-out. Can anyone here provide an objective point of view of the companies most recent manufactured products. I would especially appreciate a short review from a recent buyer. I've been coming here for a long time with both questions and answers and I'm hoping someone can help me make an informed decision today.
  5. So I'm really PEEVED

    10 June 2008 - 10:59 AM

    So today I decided to call My local field to make a reservation for some big games. I've been out of touch and didn't know that one was this weekend and the other was during my relaxing time in the Massachusetts and Catskills, New York. So I ask the "receptionist" when the next scenario is she tells me there is one during august on the 9th. She further Explains that it's invitation only but that she check my profile and that I had an invitation waiting. Great. The day Event is 60$ and the night is 25$, the day is open house and the evening is for the invited players only. I'm cool with that, a little expensive but they usually have cool stuff*. She goes on to talk about points† which i usually ignore cause you need like a gazzillion points to get anything free. It turns out the night event is 25$ + 125 points, I don't have any points cause i get my gear online and they only sell what's "hot" in the industry. So she hands me to a guy who's in charge of points, this guy starts telling me that it's going to cost me 150$ for the event because i don't have sufficient points to cover the extra costs. 150$ FOR HALF an Event, remember these fee's only cover the night portion of the event. I start telling him that I play D-Day in the sates which is the biggest scenario out there and it costs me a fraction of that. He replies that I can go to a fair for 10$ but walt disney is better and they obviously charge more. So I ask him If He know's what OK D-Day is. He say's yes but it's nothing compared to the event we're having. I ask him how many invites were sent out and he tells me 250.

    I just really hate Ignorant people. This guy is a complete moron and knows nothing about paintball. I know he isn't the one that is setting the prices but it still TICKED me off. It's not that big of a deal in the end because I'll just talk to the owner and he'll waive the fee but It still made me flaming made that they would dare charge that much for an event. If anyone is wondering the field I'm ranting about is called Bigfoot Paintball in Quebec, Canada. You may have seen it mentioned in Jungle's first solo Edition, It's the article about T.E.A.M. and their "milsim" training camp.

    *They have some decent scenarios and we get real great treatment but 85$ for an event is semi-reasonable. It's when he jumps the price 210$ that I really freaked.

    †Bigfoot-Paintball has a V.I.P. Member system that gives great discounts and other cool stuff. Along with this when you buy stuff from there ultra high priced store(an A-5 for 320$) you get a number of points equal to the cost of your purchase. These points generally serve no purpose except to buy more stuff. I have 0 points because They have never even heard of an automag and think my "shoebox" is a piece of junk. So I have Zero points and I need 125. Yay.



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    11 Jan 2009 - 21:29
    happy b-day!
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    13 Jun 2008 - 23:41
    Excellent debater, good jokes. 12.5/10.
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