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  1. Ion for $100?

    28 June 2009 - 02:17 PM

    So a friend of mine is looking at getting an original Ion (i think, i know very little about SP markers), guessing from the pics from the pic thread it appears to be fairly stock w/ a 14" barrel and a remote line (no idea on internals). my local paint shop is selling it, but the owner who knows about it is away and the guy watching the store just does fills and the cash register. as i said in the title it's going for $100. what's the reputation on these guns? is the price fair (if i find out more about internals and stuff i'll post it)? any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.
  2. Nose-art on a paintball gun?

    23 April 2009 - 09:31 PM

    hey BB, u do awesome work man.
    Here's my question, i'm consider have a design done for my gun, it would be the shark's mouth and eyes nose art like what was on the Flying Tigers planes, only i'm considering getting it done in the ACU colors. i'm trying to decide wether it would look best on my A5 hopper, my x7 hopper, (as i imagine it, it the mouth would start on the front of the hopper and then move back towards the sides and end a few inches back and then an eye on either side of the hopper) or maybe even on the front of the gun itself (like starting around the barrel adapter and running across the a2 foregrip). would this be possible? and if so, how much would it cost? hopefully i made myself understandable, it's kinda hard to describe what i'm imagining. appreciate any feedback you can give me.
  3. Tiberius 8 vs. Tippmann's new TPX

    13 April 2009 - 10:51 PM

    So i'm looking for a sidearm, mainly as a backup, but also to possibly run with on it's own for shorter games. Our games out in Montana are all renegade and are fast paced, so i'd like something that is magazine fed, like the Tiberius and the TPX. However, i'm wondering about changing out the CO2 cartridge on the TPX, and i've heard nothing but good things on the Tiberius's accuracy (my local paintball dealer called it the most accurate stock gun he sells). On the flip side, the TPX is cheaper ($220 vs. $250 for the Tiberius) and comes with 2 mags (extra mags for the Tiberius run over $40). anybody who has any info on either gun (especially once the TPX launches) or an alternative plz let me know, i'm saving money for a couple months while pondering the question.


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