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  1. Scenario- Hold The Line!

    06 April 2009 - 08:37 PM

    YOUR CURRENT SITREP-You and your forces are trapped in an abandoned Oil Drilling site. Your evacuation chopper is 3 hours away. Enemy forces are closing in on the site, and you don't have the men to hold them off. what do you do?

    YOUR FORCES- 2 4-man teams of light infantry, armed with A-5's, E-MR1's, and grenade launchers. A 2-man heavy machine gun detachment, armed with a large marker of some kind and an average marker. An 3-man anti-tank team armed with 2 AT launchers and a pistol. 2 Fast-Attack Jeeps with heavy machine guns Machine guns. There are also two cargo trucks and a work van in the complex.

    YOUR LOCATION-There are two buildings in the complex, one is a two story office building with a good view of the access road, and the other is a Control room with no windows whatsoever, but the roof faces the access road. The buildings are side by side, the office is roughly 50 feet north of the control room. The only road into the complex is the access road, which is a narrow one lane track that runs east, directly towards the buildings. Behind (To the West of) the buildings there is a small parking lot, perfect to land the evac chopper, and behind the lot, there is a stretch of thick woods that leads to the highway that the enemy will most likely use to get to the complex. They could also attack from the woods.

    How will you deploy your forces?
  2. Mechanical Comparison- Milsig K-series elite v. MR1

    05 April 2009 - 08:56 PM

    So, I just bought a Milsig elite, and let me tell you, I'm impressed. The quality of the marker is incredible. But I was curious to see whether my old marker, a Spyder MR1 I bought used for $20 a year ago, could hold its own against the $500 milsig. Before you call me dumb or insane, read on, you'll be surprised.

    The MR1 is the type of marker that I have literally dropped in a river, ran downstream to catch it, picked it up, and started firing. It very infrequently breaks paint or jams, and all around, it's a useful marker. Since I bought it, I put a Holo sight on, a 16" barrel, and a barrel shroud.

    The milsig is almost bone stock, I've had little time to mess with it. I just put on a red dot, a bipod, and a laser sight.

    The first test in my comparison was essentially me standing in my basement and pounding out several hundred rounds. I put both markers through as many balls as they could take before they malfunctioned. To my surprise, the MR1 won by shooting 126 rounds before I had a ball break in the barrel. The Elite wasn't far behind, with a score of 114.

    Accuracy counts in mechanical markers, so that was stage 2 of the comparison. The milsig consistently achieved 2-inch groupings at 25 yards, pretty impressive for a paintball gun. The MR1, of course, was probably in the six inch range.

    In terms of functionality, I must vote for the Milsig. It has a large number of rails, that are usable for anything from grenade launchers to flashlights a nd sights. The MR1 comes with one tiny rail, scarcely big enough to fit a sight on.

    In the first initial sticker shock, the Milsig looks like a rip off. But really, It's the better deal. It comes set up like a woodsballer's dream, while the MR1 takes quite a bit of tinkering to be acceptable.
    So gentlemen, steal your girlfirend/mother/wife/sister/aunt/legal female guardian's purse, and head for your nearest paintball retailer to get yourself the Milsig K-Series Elite.


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