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  1. In Topic: Mythbuster! Are Paintballs dangerous if a dog eats it?

    18 March 2009 - 04:40 PM

    I pwn 17 acres and I have about 10-12 guys playing on my land every Sunday. About every 3 weeks or so I go out into the woods w/ a 5 gal. bucket w/ water and scrub brush on a broomstick... I scrub some of the real lit up trees and rocks and general obstacles real quick.... and once in a while I go out there w/ a rake and garbage bag and rake up around some of the more popular hiding spots and obstacles.... my woods don't look that bad considering the epic battles it hosts... get some of your pals to do some of this kinda clean up once in a while in your woods to keep the heat off... I use about 4 gal. of warm water and a couple drops of dish soap... in the winter the water gets cold but it still works... it'll take me a couple hours, less if I get help.... but like I said it's only a dozen guys spraying about 38,000 balls a month or so
  2. In Topic: x7 egrip

    16 March 2009 - 04:40 PM

    so I need an electrical engineer? great....
  3. In Topic: X7 thoughts

    16 March 2009 - 03:30 PM

    I think the worst feature is the fact that w/ the $120 or whatever e-grip you need to pull 3 times real quick to get full auto.... this is pure weakness IMO.... can't Tippman just make me a damn trigger that wants to rock and roll from the first pull.... same w/ the triburst... this is truely ghey..... can anyone help me change this? I bought the marker to emulate the size and shape of my personal rifle.... therefore I want the trigger to do the same..... full auto from the first pull... if I want semi auto, then I'll switch to semi, but when I want full auto I want full auto.... it's kinda like false advertising..... no?
  4. In Topic: x7 egrip

    16 March 2009 - 03:02 PM

    Please, please please, somebody help me fix the gheyness of the e-trigger
  5. In Topic: x7 egrip

    15 March 2009 - 02:32 PM

    for me i think the whole "pull the trigger 3 times fast" then you get full auto is ghey..... I want a trigger for my x7 that is full auto from the first pull or tri burst from the first pull.... anything else sucks IMO.... has anybody found a way to get this result?


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