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  1. CO2 + Winter

    25 November 2009 - 09:55 PM

    Alright first let me inform you of my dilemma... Me and my friends have been, and enjoy, paintballing in one of their snowy woods for multiple years; we have encountered a few problems with this. The nearest place for where we can get and refill Compressed Air is a couple hours away so we are stuck with CO2 from our local sporting good/ outdoor store.

    Ok, i have been on and reading around on this site for sometime now (over a year?). I have picked up that CO2 and winter time don't mix very well (correct me if i am wrong, if you may) and i would like to know why this is and what i can do so i can have an enjoyable woodsball game in the snow.

  2. Football Wrist Playbook for holding maps, etc.

    04 November 2009 - 06:35 PM

    I am a member on Militaryphotos.net, which is not only a military photo sharing site but a equipment, reanactmant (ie airsoft/scenario paintball), and more, but i have been noticing a semi common piece of kit lately, specifially used by the Special Operation Forces in Afganhistan and Iraq, is like a football wristband, the kind that holds your plays on the playing field.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Some combat gear brands (https://mayflower-rc...lter-arm-board/ ) have made their own but with camouflage material instead of the black polyester.

    From the information I picked up on military photos they use them mostly for maps or any other form of information they need for mission/day-to-day. I think it would work very well in Woodsball for like a map of the field.

    Tell me what you think please.
  3. SOPMOD Alpha Black Plan

    01 May 2009 - 10:08 PM

    For sometime now i have been thinking of turning your standard alpha black into a Special Ops Milsim SODMOD M4.
    Posted Image
    Actual SOPMOD firearm

    And this is how I was planning on approaching this:
    1. Remove Handle([post="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mayjnGFlFxY"]How to Video[/post]) and install rail and 30 mm red dot instead, sight riser would help alot too.
    2. Purchase rails for the underside and topside (not neccesary) of the handguard/shroud or purchase new shroud made for 98 barrel with the rails on already (goes much better with the actual SOPMOD design but more expensive and is not completly needed).
    3. Purchase vertical foregrip.
    4. Purchase or create Mock Suppressor (not neccesary but IMHO it looks better).
    5. Purchase replacment CAR stock made for actual M4's and AR-15's, im pretty sure this would work correct me if its not (not needed, strictly cosmetic). Example:
    Posted Image
    Blackhawk Knoxx Replacement Adjustable Carbine Rifle Buttstock.

    6. Purchase cyclone and tac-cap or X7 hopper.
    7. Purchase better barrel (as for most other markers).

    Overall this is my master plan. PLEASE use constructive criticism for it will help the overall plan and sorry ahead of time if there are any broken links or any other of my newbie mistakes, still getting used to posting topics.
  4. A Few Spray Can Quetions

    23 April 2009 - 01:04 PM

    Im a bit new to painting but i think im going to do it i just need a few questions answered:
    1. Whats a good grit to use for sanding your gun?
    2. Do you have to prime it or can you go strait to ur base coat?
    3. Will a couple more clear coats on top help its durability or is it overkill? (ive already made my mind so dont tell me to use duracoat)
    4. Will thinner get it all the way clean?
    Thanks :ghillie:
  5. Custom M14

    21 April 2009 - 02:51 PM

    I was wandering how do you fit a marker into a M14 stock?
    Do they all fit the same?
    Tactical or strait Wood stock?
    Would it be easier to use an airsoft gun?
    How WOULD you fit it into an airsoft gun?

    Thanks for your help :(



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