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I obviously have an interest in paintball, but i also like other stuff such as computers, video-games, i love the woods, girls, some anime, and some other random stuff.

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  1. Pneumag

    10 June 2009 - 05:55 PM

    So a I have previously said, I am back to paintball. Hopefully back to good, my other alternative is going to put me in jail at this point, I need healthier and more legal hobbies.

    Anyhow, as some of you may remember, I have been a huge fan of Pneumags for a while now. The whole concept of Pneumag or E-Pneumag is just sexy, but I am lost like no other. One day, back when I used to play, I came across a guy who actually HAD a pneumag right near me in Rock Island, Illinois. I was amazed, we balled together, I played with that thing and I fell in love. I really wish I remembered his name, or knew he was still on these forums to get in touch with him, if you are still here buddy, I shall be waiting XD. Anyhow, this is awkward, because in the past I knew just about everything I could about pneumags. Now I am a little lost and confused, and need some guidance.

    First thing is first, people do electro-pneumags now? That is a dream come true. I have always loved the concept of an electronic automag, but there is a lot to hate about the e-mags themselves (talk about one big battery pack). That being said, I would be one happy panda if I could build myself an electro-pneumag. My curiosity brought me to this website. Some nice basics and some good pictures, but I really need to know a bit more.

    If anyone has very detailed information on pneumags and electro-pneumags, I would truly appreciate it. I have a fairly good concept of how the standard trigger works, but I need more. I need to know (to remember) exactly how a pneumag works, and how an electro-pneumag differs from a standard one. Is it absolutely required to make the trigger frame pneumatic to convert a mag into an electro? I am not exactly even sure how electros work right off hand. I used to have very good material that showed a very clear breakdown diagram of an Ion in motion that once helped me understand electro-pneumatic markers better, but I cant seem to find that.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction to some serious pneumag/electro-pneumag resources I would greatly appreciate it. Any other info is appreciated as well, I just need to go into deep research phase to plan my future mag project.
  2. Thinking about a Phantom

    09 June 2009 - 04:12 PM

    So Legato sent me this way for pump information. I am really glad to see some solid stickies over here (much like the one I wrote for Automags in that section). I have basically decided on one of these badboys. VSC Phantom, 45 grip, 15 round vertical feed. My only issue is upgrades, I am trying to order this pretty much like I want it (minus the Deadlywind Fibur barrel and any stock I may want to put on it). I cant decide on a few features.

    First thing is first, I want an undercocking kit. I like the ability to get a finger behind the pump mechanism, and I don't like the idea of scratched and marred barrels because of the pump (not to mention limited barrel options). I have my eyes set on the Wevo undercocking kit, as the pump seems smaller. I have short and stubby fingers, getting them around a big fat pump is awkward. Does anyone have the Wevo undercocking kit, and is it a good product in your eyes?

    Also, as I am getting a VSC setup, I plan to use both 12 grams and a 3.5 oz, depending on what is going on. I play some Outlaw here and there, making 12 grams a nice choice when air is not available, but I will also be using this marker for open play against speedballers. The last thing I want to have to do in an open game is run out of air, the people that play at my field like to play rough, and would easily rush me if they knew I ran out of air completely. In order to know when my air pressure is dropping, I was considering the rear air gauge option. This could possibly help me a lot to know when my 3.5 oz was running short, and would work for 12 grams as well. I kinda like the way it looks, and being an engineer at heart it would give me some peace of mind. Anybody have a rear air pressure gauge to know if they really work well or even help?

    Other than that, not really much to ask about. I am pretty set on the Deadlywind Fibur barrel (which now comes in Phantom threads), and some sort of stock in the future. Thanks for your time.
  3. Need more input

    08 June 2009 - 11:13 AM

    Sorry if this is a little to specific for general, I just really want an open view so I can get many opinions on this.

    So some of you probably saw my post asking about the T9 longbow. In that post I was informed that I would probably be much better off buying a pump. Naturally I looked toward one of the very reputable and highly enjoyed pump company known as CCI, the makers of the beautiful Phantom pumps. Now, I decided on a Phantom for one really big reason, their price. You almost can't get much better than this for the price. Were I to look anywhere else for this kind of quality I would probably have to make my own pump autococker or invest in a Carter, and while I like the idea of both they just really aren't that appealing to me (even though I do think pump ACs with the Hitman mod are sweet). Phantoms are know for very easy maintenance, high reliability, and wonderful durability. I have always liked the looks of Phantoms as well. I will probably be getting this base Phantom.

    That being said, I started my research, looking at the base markers available and multiple upgrades for them, as well as possible modifications that can be made. Not a whole lot you can do to a Phantom to make it perform better, but I found a few upgrades that would help in a game and allow for more customization. Most of this stuff comes from Wevo, which I really hope is reputable, but thats why I am here isn't it?

    First thing is first, an Undercocking system. I hate the way the stock cocking mechanism is placed, it prevents use of most good aftermarket barrels, including my person favorite (have one on my mag as well), the Deadlywind Fibur barrel. Full carbon fiber barrel bored for freak inserts. I already have a FULL set of stainless steel Freak inserts, so why not? The Wevo undercocking system specifically (as opposed to one made by Rainman and others) is relatively smaller, which is perfect for me. I have short stubby fingers on fat man hands, it just makes things awkward when I am trying to reach around I giant pump handle. The undercocker would provide a smaller cocker, allow me to get a finger or two in front of it for a more ergonomic pump pull (thus making the pump pull feel smoother through hand placement), and allow me to use a CF Fibur barrel. Anybody have any objections to that, such as problems with the Wevo kit?

    Another upgrade I want is a Guaged Air adapter. On the back of my air adapter would be a guage that would start to drop when my 12gram or 3.5 oz started to lose pressure. This would let me know just when I need to pop in a new 12 gram or refill my air tank. I would have to say this is probably a pretty sturdy mod, can't see much going wrong with one, but has anyone else had any trouble in their experiences with one? Other than that, the only other upgrade I plan to get is a lighter pump spring. $2 on Wevo you can get a pump return spring that is half the weight of the stock on, allowing for an even smoother pull without all together removing the pump return spring (which I have read can be foolish, as if the pump isn't all the way forward it will not shoot).

    After that it really just comes down to getting a stock for it (probably a Spec Ops T2W, I kinda like the longbow stock a lot), and that Deadlywind Fibur barrel to go with my full freak inserts. Any other suggestions for aftermarket products?
  4. Need some input

    04 June 2009 - 12:19 PM

    So NinjaoftheNight is making an inevitable return to the world of paintball. Some of you might remember me, many of you probably joined long after I dropped off the face of the paintballing planet (and I would love to meet you all as well). Right now I am in dream stage, I need to actually get back to playing here fast, which unfortunately requires money that I don't have, but plan to get (somehow).

    Anyhow, I have always dreamed of a very nice and lightweight "sniper" marker. Don't shoot me for those words, I'm not a "sniper" kiddie, I fully understand the mechanics and physics of a paintball marker and how pretty much every marker shoots the same distance (unless you are using First Strike paint, which I may plan for in the future, but have no need for right now).

    That being said, I am also looking for a reliable sidearm for when I am not trying to ambush snipe. I haven't looked at paintball tech in a LONG time, but when I first did last night, one big thing caught my attention. The T9 Longbow (fully assembled). This marker looks fantastic. The longbow mag system coupled with the mag of a pistol (as the T9 is the base marker), built on longbow stock (one of my favorite stocks Spec Ops has to offer), all running off of 12gram CO2 (the lightest tanks available to man kind, not to mention they don't take up any extra space in the T9 magazine). I saw this product and was like WOWZA. I have always hated the idea of a "sniper" marker being tied to your body by a remote line, it just doesn't seem logical. If I want to crawl around or sneak around, that remote is just going to get in the way, and its absolutely unnecessary to have a huge tank on your back when you only plan to fire 40-50 rounds in a game at most. Having an air system within the marker, and no hopper on top (as Longbow has always been) would be a blessing for anybody wanting to ambush snipe.

    Here is where the problem comes in, I am a skeptical person. I need to know a LOT about the product and its possible upgrades before I ever make a decision to buy a marker (as was with my first real marker, my A-5, and my second being my Tac-One). Now I know I could make my Tac-One into some sort of Longbow, but it would probably cost me about as much money to get that set up as it would to just buy a T9 longbow. Honestly I really want to turn my Tac-One into a Q-loaded warpfeed body masterpiece, but that will all come in time.

    What I really want to know is, how reliable is the T9 base marker? It looks pretty solid and I have heard good things, but will the full get up provide consistent shots? Is the T9 a marker that isn't going to eff up on me in the middle of a game? This thing only has a few aftermarket barrel options, are they any good? How quiet can this thing become? I highly doubt it will ever touch my Tac-One with Deadlywind CF barrel, will it?
  5. The Mag Ressurection

    04 June 2009 - 11:37 AM

    So its been a few years since I have actually played or crawled these forums. I hope it hasn't been so long that very few familiar faces even exist. Anyone by chance remember me?

    Back to the point, I'm ready to bring back the ole Tac-One. Honestly that is what really prompted me to come back into the world, I pulled the sucker out of my closet and remembered everything I had been missing. How couldn't you with a Tac-One with a 14" Deadlywind Barrel with a full SS Freak insert kit? This thing is a BEAST.

    Oh boy has things changed since I played though. Tac-One Warped? Q-Loader rig for a warp body? A Longbow stock that doesn't require the old Tac-One bodies to function? (I bought my Tac-One right when they did away with the old rails that would accept the old longbow system, I really wanted a Q-Bow back in the day). Its like all of my paintball dreams have come true.

    My dream Mag setup just walked right up to me and slapped me in the face yesterday on the Q-Loader website. First picture that pops up when you show up, the AGD mod. Anyone have a similar marker, and if so how does it play for woodsball?

    P.S. I think I spelled Resurrection wrong. Don't shoot me, I just woke up.



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    Happy birthday, man, wherever you are!
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