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  1. Milsim and Pistols FT/FS hoppers and air systems too

    15 March 2009 - 12:35 PM

    Looking to trade but will also list a sale price for each item. If interested I can email photos. I'm finally engaged and raising money for the April Wedding/Honeymoon. However I am always looking for markers in trade so look at my wanted list at the end of this post. Shipping is additional and figured by your zip code for the amount of weight.

    Paintball guns and Pistols
    1. New in box Delta 68 black $70
    2. New in box Armotech/Warsensor WSP black $90
    3. PT Enforcer pistol $50
    4. Stockclass super pistol leg holster(also holds seven 12grams or tubes) $20
    5. Heavy canvas leg holster $12
    6. Belt pistol holster $10
    7. New Rap-4 .43 caliber with 4 bags of paintballs, fell off the counter and broke the pistol grip off, with hard plastic factory case and registration form $400
    8. New Ariakon Sim-5 $300
    9. New Tagline belt clip feed long sniper barrel $450
    10. New Ram 68 pump shotgun $450
    11. Tippmann A-5
    12. NEW Stockclass belt holds up to fourty 12-grams,shotgun shells, and or paint tubes $10

    Air systems and parts
    Looking to trade these or best offer on the price
    1. Pure Energy 45/4500 1-02 Date
    2. Pure Energy 68/3000 7-05 Date
    3. Nitro Duck? Adjustable 70/4500 3-06 Date
    4. Crossfire 47/3000
    5. Worr Games 45/4500 4-04 Date
    6. Smart Parts 68/4500 3-04 Date
    The following are perfect for you Vintage Mag or Cocker collection
    7. PMS 134 with cradle 3-95 date, last hydro 10-98
    8. PMS Featherlight 8-97 date, last hydro 2-01
    9. PMS 116 with cradle 10-95 date, last hydro 11-00
    10. PMS 116 with cradle (black tank) 9-95 date
    11. PMS aluminum screw on 3000 PSI 24oz size bottle 1-92 date

    Loaders and parts
    1. Ricochet 2k 9Volt Black $10
    2. Ricochet Apache 12Volt smoke $15
    3. VL Revolution Black pre Brass Eagle 9Volt $15
    4. Viewloader Revolution w/ X Board Black 12Volt like new $20
    5. Viewloader Revolution Black 12Volt old style unbreakable lid $15
    6. Viewloader Revolution Black 12Volt pre Brass Eagle $15
    7. Empire Reloader Clear 12Volt $10
    8. VL Evolution II black$20
    9. Halo Diablo TSA $10

    My wanted/will trade for list
    Digital SLR Camera D-40 or better, Laptop computer, Lapco, Carter, or Palmers pumps. Rarer/older model Cockers, Angels, Impulses, Timmys, and Matrix. DM’s, Cyborg, FEP Quest, Geo, Ego, SLG, Promaster, G3 or nice green or pink anno semi for my soon to be wife to play with. Eclipse or AKA markers. Or just make offer with what you have working or not I may be interested except low-end markers.


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