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  1. WTB A5's/X7 and Tippmann parts for both.

    11 March 2009 - 09:26 PM

    I know the prices I'm offering are low but don't be insulted, I'm looking for that A5 sitting in the closet for months collecting dust that you have no use for, or for your parts you took off already and no longer want/need. If you can't agree with my prices you don't have to sell to me.

    -PayPal only
    -I'll pay first if you have good feedback, otherwise you ship first.
    -Please don't complain about prices, pawn threads offer less than I do
    -Working markers only
    -Post then PM me
    -Do not PM me expecting to get more than is posted here, please don't waste my time.

    For a flat stock A5 I'll pay $70, w/ups PM me I'll make an offer.
    Bone stock X7 I'll pay $110, w/ups PM me.

    Other ups

    Flatline - Add $20
    Egrip selector switch $20, w/out selector $10, RT $10
    Stocks - Add $10
    Standard Barrels - Add $6
    Mag/Clips - Add $5, for air-through Add $10
    Remotes - Add $10
    Foregrips - Add $5
    CO2 Tanks - Add $10
    (On guns I may ask you to remove parts that aren't wanted, thanks)

    I'm also interested in buying gun parts, good opportunity to get a few bucks for that collapsable stock you don't use anymore =)

    All ups will be considered in price but stock is preferred, if you don't have box/tool kit, any original items please inform me of this. The ONLY way I'll add more is if the gun looks 100% brand new with NO damage AT ALL, then add $10

    P.S. Most of this gear if not all will be going to my new woodsball team The Baller's Legion, most of the team is just starting out and just have brass eagles and other lame starter guns and don't have much cash on hand so I'm trying to score them some decent guns and stuff to play with =)
  2. Olive PMR LOTS of Ups

    09 March 2009 - 05:20 PM


    sold to someone locally
  3. Tippmann money pit vs speedball markers

    25 January 2009 - 09:09 PM

    Okay, I have a new Tippmann A5 and after buying a few parts and seeing all of these "cyclone upgrades" new barrels, bolts, and all the milsim products etc etc I have to ask, for woodsball am I better off with this A5 and putting what I want on it (heres a list)

    A5 - $220
    Flatline - $90
    Car Stock - $35
    Top Rail - $30
    Reticle Sight - $60
    MP5 Air Through Mag - $65
    Remote Line - $55
    Squishie Paddles - $20

    Now I know not all of these are NEEDED but this is what I want, and thats not going to change and I know this may be hotly debated or people will just flat out marker bash or milsim bash but whatever, total I'm looking at $575 to have everything I want, I haven't included to cost of the HPA tanks because I'll need that no matter what marker I buy, so now what I'm asking is this, should I maybe stop now, and trade this marker in for something like a DP Fusion or DP G3?

    I know the costs may not match up but I'm looking for bang for my buck, performance compared to cost plain and simple. Tippmann's are known for reliability so what I'm also looking at is how durable a gun is because I will be playing woodsball and I don't want to have to baby my marker and worry about it getting bumped around and such, that and being able to play speedball without a disadvantage would be nice, or should I just buy a second marker? What I'm saying is this, I've seen friends dump over a grand into their Tippmann's its ridiculous and really I see it as the equivalent of decking out a Chevy Cavalier with a bunch of useless visual mods that do nothing for performance to make it LOOK fast rather than just spending that money on a better car. So what your opinions here? any and all welcomed here.

    P.S. I'm looking a total spending of about $800 for the marker and all included accesories needed (air tank, hopper etc) thanks for your thoughts, I look forward to reading them.
  4. Slight CO2 Leak

    22 January 2009 - 10:29 PM

    I've got an A5 and the tombstone is leaking a bit, if I could crank it tighter its all good, its just that the braided hose is messing it up. In order for my pistol grip to be straight and mounted on the gun normally it doesn't allow my hose to be screwed in enough, and the threaded bit doesn't spin on it's own only w/the hose so not too sure what to do here, is it maybe that my O ring is no more good or that it needs to be oiled? though I don't see how that could be an issue since the gun is pretty much new and Tippmann's tend to come a little over oiled if anything.
  5. Tiberius 8

    16 January 2009 - 08:53 PM

    Hi there, I'm somewhat new to the sport, sporting a nicely done up A5 and I was wondering about the Tiberius 8, I've read some reviews but I was just wondering what some people who have used it think, just not too confident in such a short barrel for accuracy and range.


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