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  1. In Topic: X7 mp5 great deal

    11 March 2009 - 09:53 PM

    $40 for the steely and remote.
  2. In Topic: Olive PMR LOTS of Ups

    10 March 2009 - 08:45 AM

    The trigger is the standard UL trigger that comes with the UL Frame from the DM7 http://www.actionvil...om/011-104-0076
    Bolt is Orange Hcore Proto Rail Bolt seen here http://www.actionvil...om/011-266-0023
    as for the board and feedneck I'm not sure, it's my buddy's gun but I know they're upped, plus it has the CP barrel

    Basically with all the ups this gun has it's a DM7
  3. In Topic: WTB List

    09 March 2009 - 05:56 PM

    I have a crazy Upped PMR, upped trigger, bolt, UL frame, CP one peice barrel, board, and metal SRT black clamping feedneck, gun is olive and in very good condition.


    make me a decent offer and it's yours, every up you could ever want.
  4. In Topic: Tippmann money pit vs speedball markers

    26 January 2009 - 03:21 AM

    Okay so feel free to point it out but yes I feel like a tool responding to my own post directly after my own reply, but anyway, I think I've decided on a DP G3, I've read a lot of reviews, watched reviews and :P videos on YouTube, and read reviews on PBnation as well as checked out prices on a few sites, and for $300 I don't think I can go wrong. Considering I've already put more than that into my A5 with no real satisfaction thus far it's a fairly easy decision, especially considering I'll be able to compete on the speedball field without a disadvantage of a Tippmann. I've seen speedball markers and honestly been intimidated, thought of my A5 as being an easy to maintain and repair alternative, however this has proven to be ignorance on my part, yes it's easy to work on but the G3 is very, very simple with 6 O-rings, and 2 moving parts and just one screw to access everything you need to for repair/maintenance. Plus I do believe a marker weighing less than 2 pounds would be very nice in a long woodsball game since I won't have to lug around the A5 with all of the mods on it.

    It's a hard decision to make though, I've invested quite a bit of $ into this A5, but to get everything I want for it I have to invest quite a bit more, 35 for the top rail I want, 55 for the reticle sight, 65 for the airthrough mag, 55 for the remote line, when for only $100 more than that I could have a G3, and I've already put a few hundred into the A5 already, this is no fun :dodgy:
  5. In Topic: Tippmann money pit vs speedball markers

    26 January 2009 - 01:19 AM

    Well heres the thing, I already have the A5 with the flatline on it and the Car Stock with a response trigger, i've played around with it and honestly it's not what I want, for the money I've put into it so far I just don't have the performance I want and the gun itself just feels heavy and sluggish, and I HATE how the hopper is right in your field of view, I just see the ability to always have my marker at the ready to fire on an opponent the moment you see them with accuracy is better than having to bring it up to your shoulder and aim for em. That and the fact that when you have that marker drawn you cant see anything to your right.

    As for paying too much for the flatline, yes I'm aware I paid too much but basically theres only one shop in the area and I don't have many options, it's either pay their price or pay the same for one off the internet with shipping and then have to wait for it. Luckily having spent this much money in the shop, and bringing in 3 more people who have bought the following

    Nick - Digi Camo A5 w/14" barrel, mask, 20oz CO2 Tank, case of balls
    Kevin - 98c w/flatline and stock, case of paint, HPA tank, pods
    Cam - Spyder MR-1 starter kit, HPA tank, case of paint and pods

    They've made a lot of sales off of people I've introduced to the sport, those 3 were just in the last month, I could see them taking in my A5 which has barely been used at all and sell it as a Special Ops package (all theyd have to do is add a remote line), and give me the store credit to grab a DP, cause it's not like they're giving me the cash back to walk out, they're giving me another gun off the shelf, profiting again off the same A5 I already bought off of them, and possibly getting me onto the speedball range to spend even more on their gear, so yeah, I might be talkin to them about it, I just don't like the fact that I can practically dump 1k into this gun and still have a gun whose performance I'm not satisfied with

    Oh and as a sidenote this is purely 100% my opinion, I don't want to insult anyone, I don't want to get flamed for this but honestly from what I've seen in videos, heard people saying, saw in many forums and websites Tippmann is over glorified and the idea of Milsim has gone very far beyond paintball, it seems to me like people are treated it more as a lifestyle or hobby than a game anymore. The guys who are really into milsim seem to like talking about their guns and their gear and working on it more than they like playing the game, at first when I got my A5 yes I was looking at every mod and upgrade I could find on the net, endless sites but honestly now I just say to myself "if this gun is capable of so much performance, 15bps, 25bps etc, etc, then why do I need to upgrade my hopper? throw away the stock barrel, add squishee paddles, a regulator, and to be able to even aim the gun if I decide to buy a stock add a rail and a red dot?" to me it just screams "We're milking you!!" sell them something with potential....$1000's worth of limitless potential....


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