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  1. In Topic: WTB:Markers/Pistols/Vest/Remotes/Ghillies/Etc/Launchers

    13 April 2010 - 08:05 PM

    Yeah still am. Also, only TOT's PM came through

    View Posticehouse, on Apr 11 2010, 05:56 PM, said:

    Are you still looking for AK47 modded 98's?
  2. In Topic: WTB:Markers/Pistols/Vest/Remotes/Ghillies/Etc/Launchers

    08 April 2010 - 03:07 PM

    Let me also go ahead and say this save any mor ehurt feelings I guess?

    1) PLEASE PM me if you want a response. 90% of the time i hop on here, check to see if I have any messages and if i don't i go. If i do i answer.

    2) If you have something you want to sell, PLEASE include a price range your looking for. Don't have time to to go back and forth for three days. Black Hawk Down and D-Day are coming up and need to square this stuff away.

    3) Anyone who HAS Pm'd me will know I have gotten back to them at most, a day later. and I keep in contact with them.

    Now, some of the stuff we needed I've made deals for and bought so to amend the list.

    A-5's only looked at for a very good price. Need 2 for some custom frame/stock projects. Not looking to pay anything close to 300+. If we decide to go that far for the project price we'll go with SP's or Phenoms.

    Not interested in Non Milsim/Milsim capable markers.

    Grenades. someone PM'd me and hten I accidentally cleared my Inbox. You still want them I've got a bulk order for you.

    That being said, thank you very much for any interest shown and for those who I've made deals with, thank you. You've been great to work with!
  3. In Topic: WTB: Markers, Gear, GHillies, Kit, LOTS

    08 April 2010 - 02:58 PM

    Sorry all, was under the impression that this worked the way other WTB WTS threads worked in that you send a PM. I've got a hectic schedule and it's easier ot hop on and check PMs then browse threads. Tha tbeing said, way to show a little patience and tolerance though! lol. Reported for opening a thread? Wow.

    View PostHitman43, on Apr 6 2010, 10:01 PM, said:

    t9 longbow complete?
  4. In Topic: WTB:Markers/Pistols/Vest/Remotes/Ghillies/Etc/Launchers

    08 April 2010 - 02:37 PM

    Thank you packrat.

    And hey, Flameboy? When I want to KNOW someone gets my message. You know what i do? PM them.

    I guess I should say that too. I have odd hours PLEASE PM me if you post here.

    Thank you.

    I hope you feel better there Player, bviously have some angst issues.

    View PostOrpackrat, on Apr 8 2010, 10:34 AM, said:

    I've received 2 PM's from him at odd hours (for me anyways, about 1:30am to 3:00am). Waiting on payment, if he comes though, I'll update this post.
  5. In Topic: Sniper Style Gun

    08 April 2010 - 02:57 AM

    Lol I suppose I should have clarified that I am not new too paintball completely. I've also alrady purchased tanks, remote line, pods, vest, cammies, and am rocking a 98C I got for a steal.

    Going on, I'll say as for 'sniping' Im' not a hang in hte rear guy, but whatI'm looking for is really a balance or extreme of being able to put a shot where I want it from a ways away in order to provide better cover, or be quiet enought hat when I don my Ghillie I can throw a few b alls without being easily zeroed in on by others.

    As for the Q-Loader, yeah I've kinda decided against it as since I would be if anything a Combat sniper, I don't wanna be limited to 100 PB per podx5 and then a long ass reload where in I am useless. I think if I'm going ot be doing precision I'll just carry a Winchester 50 round mini pod that I'll switch too when I want a smaller profile.

    What I like about Tippman is the woodsball durability and Warantee.

    The smart parts I know NOTHING about lol. But It came ona high recommendation, but the guy was also sponsored by smart parts.

    Also the stock, look and etc to me is important. I'm a mil-sim guy and I hate the look of 'extreme' style markers. Just can't get past it.

    I think I'll probably pass on the flatline. I odn't like how exlosive the shots are sound wise. But I am leaning oin towards a Hammerhead Barrel for accuracy and Apex. Or Hammerhead and custom silncer/rain shroud for silence. I understand with some silencer buils there's a Legality issue, but a pal I met can build modular ones that I can assemble yo use and disaseemble to transport. so I think I'm good there.

    And After all this lol, and I do appreciate it. I think I'm going to go with a Phenom, I like the Ak-47 philosophy, fewer moving parts, fewever screw ups. I'll do it with a Hammerhead first, then see about Hammerhead Apex. Maybe try a Sniper barrel if there's a nice one i can try out from a buddy. I've heard rave revies about Phenoms and since I've got the 98c with Flatline, I don't need to rush to a new gun. Don'tmind waiting a little for a Phenom. What do you guys think of the Phenom?


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