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  1. Paintball justice

    16 January 2009 - 10:32 AM

    Well we've all heard of those kids who drive around doing driveby shootings on people using paintball guns, its inevitable, give something that can cause harm and some idiot will use abuse it some way or another. This gives the sport a very bad name, and its happened here a few times now. In a town near me there was 3-4 guys going around in a Jeep with no top on it doing drivebys on pedestrians and cyclists, they were doing it almost weekly but the problem is that its a small town, far from the city and there is very rarely ever any police in the area. The police might do 1 patrol per shift through there then they're gone and takes them at least 20 mins to respond to anything after that. So for a while these guys seemingly had free reign, all using Wal Mart specials of course so some friends and I decided to take matters into our own hands. One night my cousin called me up and told me they were cruising around looking for someone so we all hopped in our cars and headed there. So we decided to plant a pedestrian near an apartment complex, which is actually where he lives, he started just rounding the block and after about an hour the guys in the Jeep come cruising down the street and see him. Immediately we see them pull out their markers and catch up to him. He knows whats happening so he runs for it, toward the apt complex (we had them :P ) anyway he runs into the area where the dumpsters are and hides behind em, they come wipping in after him (building is shaped like a U), the second they got in there we struck. My buddy Pat has a solid black suburban with tinted windows for that nice SWAT feel, so we block the entrance in with it and scatter out yelling "GO, GO, GO, GO!" with milsim markers drawn, dressed all in black with black masks and vests. The guys are obviously panicked, we pulled the driver out, then I just shouted "Give it to em!" so we opened up on em with E-Triggers set to full auto and Response Triggers hittin the sweet spots, each and every one of us emptied our hoppers on em, lit them up like it was the 4th of July. Once we finished they're quite naturally in A LOT of pain fetal position on the ground, so we walk up close to them and I tell them "we ever hear of you shooting anyone again next time it'll be rubber balls" then as we're walking away I say to the guys "reload" so we all pour more balls into our hoppers, the guys start screaming "no, no, no don't!" I walk toward them and fire a burst at the dumpster and walk away ;) , we hopped back in the Suburban and left em there, and naturally confiscated their markers and whatever else they had, oh and threw a nade in the Jeep lol.

    Oh btw, like I said, the guy running/the bait lived in this apt building, he's the one who spotted them cruising around on his way back home and let the people living there know if they saw what looked like a murder its just us teaching the drive by losers a lesson, some actually watched =) lol
  2. Abandoned buildings for play

    14 January 2009 - 01:19 AM

    Where I live it's very, very, very cold, US players, whatever your coldest day is, well it's colder here, many days in the dead of winter we have -40 degree celsius weather (incase you're wondering at -40 the celcius and fahrenheit thermometers are the exact same temp) so I could also say -40 fahrenheit or even a little colder. Also we have about 3 - 4 feet of snow right now. So the natural hunt for an indoor place to play becomes priority, both to escape the cold and the snow. I realise somewhere abandoned will obviously not have heat, and will not have electricity, however my grandfather used to own a construction company for 2 decades until he was diagnosed with cancer and closed it.

    I myself am a foreman ironworker, I've worked in residential construction as well and have access to kerosene and propane heaters, as well as tarps and lumber to close off any large openings. So if necessary (and I'm sure it will be) I can heat a fairly large space to manageable levels, if I have to I can also grab a generator and a few electric heaters as well. So now here lies the question, what can I do to convince neighbours of this building not to complain about us using the building, (heres a link to it) http://www.ontarioab...chemsawmill.asp click the pics to enlarge naturally. It looks structurally sound (if anyone knows its me), hasn't been abandoned all that long and I believe it has a great amount of potential. Also the stairs you can see in that pic are actually a set of stairs removed and leaned against that post, not leading to the upper story so no risk there. I will however check out the upper story to see if it is safe.

    Now structural business and safety aside what I was wondering is this. What can I do to convince the neighbours not to complain? the only neighbours is one house in sight and a small demolition business who does work for the mines, I've met these guys before and they're pretty relaxed folks. As for the houses I will simply knock on the door, explain to them what we want to do, that we will not vandalize the property, and that were are all mature adults, all in our 20's and some in our 30's, not just punk kids. I'll promise they won't have any issue with noise, and that no balls will be fired outside of the building and that we will have very strict rules on safe and no fire zones (all rules will be printed off and presented to them) also I'll provide them my name, address and cell number if there is any issue.

    So if anyone has any input please, please contribute, there is a group of about 20 of us desperate to play, and want to try something other than the woods, theres good potential here for scenarios and just all out no point fire fights =)

    Eventhough I have addressed safety issues I still welcome comments or questions about safety, because lets face it, there should be no form of work or play performed unless you are safe because everyone needs to go home, plain and simple. I also welcome suggestions for obstacles and anything that could make it a fun play area. As for the owner, he died a few years ago and the property now belongs to his son, who now lives in Toronto (6 hours south) and basically has nothing at all to do with the property and has left it to whatever ends may find it. If there were a local owner I knew of I would offer to pay a daily rental fee and sign whatever waivers he likes but this isn't the case. As long as we don't receive any complaints I don't really see an issue with it, we aren't there to destroy the place, to burn it down or smash it with sledge hammers, we're the lesser of two evils you could say lol.
  3. Fill Stations

    13 January 2009 - 02:38 PM

    I was just wondering if anyone here does their own CO2 or HPA fills? I was thinking of buying a scuba tank and a fill station hose for HPA fills and was wondering how much savings you're actually looking at.
  4. Best balls for A5 Flatline?

    13 January 2009 - 01:26 PM

    I was wondering what the best ball is for the flatline, I know theres no definitive 100% correct answer and its a matter of opinion, but what do you think is the best? what has worked for you? and for my own info are any of the DraXXuS brand balls good? thanks for the help....
  5. Any paintballers from Ontario in here?

    13 January 2009 - 12:56 AM

    Just wondering if anyone in here is from Ontario, any part outside of the Thunderbay are is all good pretty much. Just looking for someone who may know of any decent sized games going on that would be worth me bring a car load of friends. The cold has pretty much forced us off the field, our park is closed and theres no indoor facilities around here.

    Sorry please ignore this, will post in brigade forum, please don't hurt me.... :P


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