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  1. In Topic: The Next Nightmare

    21 September 2010 - 07:50 PM

    So what is the word on this venture??? I think we are ALL waiting in anticipation!!! What cool new toy have you come up with for us????
  2. In Topic: Paintball's economic health?

    23 June 2010 - 08:13 AM

    Here on the Westernslope of Colorado we are hit by two different fronts...First the economy has been hit by the shut down of the oil and gas industry which was resticted by the government. This is the main source of our entire economy here and it has been devestated by about a 70% reduction. This has caused many local businesses to close their doors. Second we cannot get past the local government to keep a paintball field open...they keep harrasing every field owner that attempts to build a filed here by adding more rules and such to meet their requirements. The last field owner was harrased so much that after dumping almost $50,000 in building improvemtns to the bunkers and flooring and then to the fire sprinkler system then they even made him pay for road improvements to an already existing and established shopping center due to increased traffic. After having done all of this he had to raise his prices to pay for overhead and so he lost most of his players which inturn forced him to close his doors. We are forced to play outlaw ball here which is really sad because it is hard to get paintballers to unite and help it grow when no one knows about others that are out there playing outlaw by themselves as well. This is a challenge that we will eventually overcome I am sure of but for the mean time my team and I will keep having to travel to Mesquite and SaltLake City to play scenarios. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    Mark "Tinnmann" Thomlinson
    Capt. of Team "Feel The Paint"
  3. In Topic: conflict retribution

    08 February 2010 - 06:42 PM

    When will be the next event on this field? I had a great time at this event as well. This was only my second time generaling and I was seconds away from victory with my rocket launcher down on the new base. Hopefully I will get another chance to get my own RETRIBUTION. Thanks for a great time Jordan.
  4. In Topic: Battlefield Utah 2010!!

    08 February 2010 - 06:01 PM

    Team "Feel The Paint" is excited and HONORED to be generaling one side of the field. Recruiting has begun and so far the turn out is looking great. I hope our OPFOR is ready for a fight. So far it has been confirmed that the Rangerball Regiment, BadKarma, and The CommonWealth have joined FTP for this battle and there is still 2 more months to go....This is gonna be the sickest event, so all of those teams or walk-ons looking to join a side look no further and contact team "Feel The Paint". www.feelthepaint.teamopolis.com


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