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You two flanking positions I'll distract him.
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December 12, 1989
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  1. Paintball games

    17 March 2009 - 12:27 PM

    Im getting ready to play this spring and im curious if you guys have any fun and unique games to play that i haven't heard of. So if u could post the game and how to play.

    Thanks, and have fun this summer Guys
  2. Tippmann A-5

    17 March 2009 - 12:04 PM

    Personaly i love my A5 it shoots every time and has a great aim. I use the 14inch teardrop barrel. Does every1 rly hate the cyclon? I was reading a seperate thread and it seemed like every1 was bashing on it. I love the cyclone, I shoot a ball every time and don't have to wrry about buying an expensive hopper to make sure i do. Well i was just curious how every one else felt about the A5.....
  3. PBALL Time is back

    17 March 2009 - 07:09 AM

    aww...the birds are chirping...buds are blossoming...the ground...is thawing....AND THE FING PAINTBALL TANK RUNS OVER THE TREE WITH THE BIRD IN IT, DESTROYS THE NICE LIL FLOWERS. Its time for the sabres to step in and take the monster down. The first two are mowed down, sniper picks off another one, 3 head back into their buildings, and the tank moves on. NOW WE STRIKE....Sabres regroup and attack...........Ugh i can't wait to get out and start playing.....The sniper is turned into swiss cheese, and the ones staying behind the tank get light up by the revenge hungry Sabres. We r good anywhere and any time on the feild. Paintball is what we do and were born to do it.

    I have no idea why i wrote this but here it is


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