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  1. Protecting your PC and getting the most out of it 101

    29 November 2009 - 10:47 PM

    Protecting your PC and getting the most out of it 101

    First off, I’d like to say that anything you do to your computer or configuration of your computer is your own doing. I’m not forcing, nor am I going to be held responsible for anything that happens to your computer or information. I myself am a computer tech and have been for years, this is what I do. This is just my two cents on the subject.

    There are several things that will be covered including but not limited to:

    Why you don’t need antivirus
    Why you get spyware - adware
    How to prevent them
    How to protect your computer
    How to out perform

    To begin, I would like to destroy all of your ideas of protection. People everyday use antivirus on their PCs. I don’t. There are several reasons why:
    Antivirus software uses an extreme amount of resources
    Antivirus is always connected to the net
    Antivirus software does the same thing that anyone can do with a few mouse clicks
    To get GOOD antivirus software, it cost money

    The average virus does one of a few things:
    Destroys info
    Changes info
    Uses untapped resources on your computer for the benefit of the virus creator

    Is it just me or do they look the same in some respects? Both slow down your computer, cost you time and money, and are a waste of time. Here’s what you might not know. Viruses can get on your computer from one of two ways, internet or portable media (usb drive). I will explain later how to prevent them from getting on your computer, but for now, I will explain how to get rid of the ones already on your computer or at least work around them. Using XP one of the easiest ways to spot a virus is when in task manager (ctrl+alt+del) go to processes. You will be able to see many random things your computer is doing while it’s simply sitting there. Many of these are required for windows to run. However, I’ve found that without “explorer.exe” many known viruses/adware/spyware cannot run. However, your computer and your own processes can (for the most part). So if your computer is freezing up, running slow: End the “explorer.exe” process. You will then notice your computer running MUCH faster. After this you can go to “file” - “new” and run any process on your computer if you know the name of that process. For example, after ending “explorer.exe” you can start “iexplore.exe” and get on the internet without any interruption from pop ups. This is just a simple example as a way to “outsmart” a virus. The event viewer under admin tools is also useful. However, some viruses are much more deadly. This is why the “backup” was created.

    The Backup

    There are several ways to back up your computer:
    Back up important files
    Back up everything
    Back up to the internet
    Back up to usb

    I’ve found the easiest way to do this is using a multiple of these methods, it’s a little on the “expensive” side, but it is efficient for what I want to do.

    First things first I will get the expensive part out of the way. I have three identical drives. Now this “cost” depends on how much info you have to store. Terabyte drives are expensive, 80gig drives, not so much. On each drive I have a copy of XP professional. I unplug the drives I’m not using. THIS MEANS THAT THEY ARE NOT ALL ACCESSABLE WHILE IN XP. However, this is the BEST firewall ever invented. Now, with them being separated, how do you protect your info by keeping it on both drives? By using the simplest thing ever, INTERNET Email. That’s right. Every time you write a paper, finish a project, whatever, send it to yourself. Like taking pictures, use photo bucket. It’s very easily done. Then why have the other drive? So that IF you get a virus that destroys your OS on one drive, you switch to the other and continue on your way using your INTERNET Email as a means for obtaining your information. From there you can change your “infected” drive to a slave drive and reformat using your clean version of windows, then change it back to master and reinstall widows from scratch. No problem because you still have a working computer, NO down time. However, do not use programs such as outlook when you can get your email online. With it being online, you get to decide what is downloaded. Opening an email online and opening one on your computer are different.

    This multiple drive approach can be expanded to encompass many other ideas as well. For example, what I do:
    Drive 1 - work: Firefox, Word, iTunes
    Drive 2 - play: BF2142, other games
    Drive 3 - pirate: lime wire
    With every drive separate, the processes do not interfere. This allows for a low resource computer to out perform while maintaining safety. Going back to the task manager, you can see all of the extra processing going on in the back ground when all you’re trying to do is shoot some zombies. These processes are avoided by simply unplugging the drives.

    The reformat – the HolyHandGernade of “fix it”
    Reformatting has been the way to fix bugs ever since computers were invented. Reformatting REMOVES and REPLCAES everything on your Hard Drive. With a back up this is a great option. There are several ways to reformat. Some less effective than others. I recommend Darik's Boot and Nuke. The last time I checked, it reformatted the hard drive to military spec (wiping it 7 or so times). This will eliminate any unwanted foes including viruses, adware and spyware in a matter of minutes. Sadly, you will have to reinstall Windows, but it is worth it. It is what the apple iPhone does EVERY time you add a song or video.

    How to avoid using the HolyHandGernade:
    Be a smart surfer
    Be a smart downloader
    Make your wall of concrete AND fire

    First things first, you must be a smart surfer if you wish to keep your PC healthy. Use Firefox for all web surfing, avoid iExplore at ALL cost.
    The Don’ts:
    Don’t allow cookies
    Don’t click ads
    Don’t surf into sketchy territory without backup

    The Dos:
    Use bookmarks
    Use long complicated passwords (such as l33t speak)
    Use proxies

    So, you want to use Firefox? Download it, and configure it. Firefox has many benefits such as add-ons like Firekeeper, NoScrpit, and Add N Edit Cookies. These tools will allow you to surf safely. However, some are a little more advanced, so without downloading ANYTING, you can still protect yourself by going to:
    Tools… options… privacy… UNCHECK EVERYTHING except for clear private data.
    By doing this, Firefox will not save any information on your computer you did not TELL it to. However, if you get tired of Re-entering passwords, you can check except cookies – However, you will need to go to exceptions and all of the more… Racy… pR0n sites… need to be BLOCKED.
    You should check everything you wish to have under security and content as well.
    Under advanced… encryption… check both boxes.
    Under advanced… network… you want to check the offline data storage box.
    A proxy can be set up under the settings button on this page. Google for a proxy server, then use its ip and port number, your done! Firefox is setup.

    Now you must surf smart. DO NOT NOT NOT NOT ever click on an ad.
    If you download anything, sometimes you may see something such as – add Google desktop search for free! Do not. If you download anything do not just click the “next” button. Read what it is asking you to do. Many people install adware themselves. Applications such as Google desktop search are useless and take up viable resources - Just like antivirus - And connect to the internet thus slowing down your computer.

    One other thing that you want to do is protect your online info. Use l33t speak or some other sort of password protection. Common words offer no protection. Spelling your regular password in l33t will make it much more difficult to crack. For example, if your password is “ROCKY” change it to “|2()<|{`/ ”

    They don’t look much alike but if you look closer:
    R = |2
    O = ()
    C = <
    K = |{
    Y = `/

    This will protect your passwords, information, and privacy 100 fold. You don’t need a wall of fire if your password is solid as a |2()<|{. But I digress. A firewall is still a good idea. I don’t use mine because I enjoy remote desktop, however it can be used.

    How to outperform
    Use a smaller OS. XP media, XP Pro, and all versions of Linux are great. Stay away from VISTA!
    Use few programs
    Watch what you download
    Prevent programs from starting at boot
    Prevent programs from connecting to the internet

    Most of this is easily done from the control panel. Under scheduled tasks, firewall, and add/remove programs. No fresh XP machine should have more than 50 processes running at one time (task manager). An XP machine can run well and fast on less than 1Gig of ram and a Pentium 4 processor with no problems. What’s more likely to slow down the computer is the network.

    The Simpl…er aspects of Networking

    Even the most complex network can be speedy. However it is important that you use the following:
    Static ips
    Switches – not hubs
    Cat-5E cable
    A good router

    A static ip address scheme will not only make diagnosing network problems easier in the command prompt, but it also saves your computer the hassle of asking the router for an ip address. Switches are much more efficient than hubs and are “smart” therefore preventing packet collisions. Cat-5e cable is the standard now a days and is a good cable, however, avoid running over 100feet of it or crimping it in doors. A good router like Linksys or Cisco will provide you with the best performance and security options. I would normally go into setting up your router, but because every router is different (unlike most OS) Ill leave that to be a project for you.

    At that I will end this tirade with a few words. That old PC in the basement can do a lot more than you think it can if set up and run properly. I hope this helps someone. Any and all questions within my knowledge will be answered with time. I might add or delete from this as well.
  2. Anyone else notice this?

    25 October 2009 - 09:06 PM

    Ill be playing a little aggressive sometimes and rather than try to gun fight me, most of the time the guys I go against just call out(usually walkons). Its like if I move up a bunker and lay down some paint, they get scared. It kinda makes me mad because its like Im just winning because I shoot fast, not because I shot them... Does this bother anyone else? I know it would make me mad if my own team mates where doing that. I always call a ref over for a paint check if Im unsure. Calling a false out is just like a chicken way of not getting shot... am I the only one who feels this way? :rolleyes:
  3. Sports Cars - whatcha got?

    04 October 2009 - 05:30 PM

    So, thought I start this for those of us who own some nice rides.

    Anyways, list important mods, track times, dynoed hp/tq(realistic numbers), cosmetics, audio, etc. Dont forget pics! Show some proof that you at least have the car and be proud of it! Feel free to add any KIND remarks about your car or others.

    I myself drive a 93 MR2 Turbo. The last time I was on the Dyno I was just under 280hp(Im shooting for 300+)
    I did a N/A to Turbo swap + LSD tranny after I got the car
    Ive got a manual boost controller running 15psi on a ct26 turbo charger
    Rebuilt stock wastegate(aftermarket BOVs are a waste of time)
    Ive taken out the primary cat
    Twin exit exhaust
    Ignition kit(thicker silicone wires)
    Im rocking a stage 3 clutch and pressure plate capable of holding 350+ hp
    New ball joints, struts, springs
    Lowered the car little over an inch
    Ive got staggered wheels 15x6 up front 15x7 rear(wish I had new ones, but Im going for the sleeper look and rims show that you put money into your car)

    Lots of cosmetic work done: Low-rise headlight kit, interior LEDs converted from green to red, quick release steering wheel, weighted shift knob, short shifter, new lower front lip, polished intercooler piping, Boost and AFR gauges in A-piller gauge pod, plus new paint coming soon to front and rear bumpers.

    Audio work: 7" touch screen DVD player in console, upgraded the midrange speakers to some nice 6"s, added two 6x9s behind each seat(hits like my GFs 10s) infinity reference tweeters and crossovers, 12 gauge speaker wire powering them all.

    Weight reduction all over the car: no jack, spare tire, extra plastic/trim/carpet that would not be seen missing(in the trunk, front bay, and behind seats), removed stock antenna and motor plus wiring(replaced by windshield antenna), also had the radiator and alternator replaced by lighter, higher performing versions after the stock ones gave out on me.

    Getting some new CV joints and drag slicks before I take her out to the track. (don't want to break a axle)
    After some paint, I'm getting the motor rebuilt from a 2.0 to a 2.2 stroker. Possibly upgrading to a ct20b turbo or a ct27 produced by ATS racing.

    couple of pics:

    Posted Image
    You can see the dent that lost me a car show this year(getting fixed asap)
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    I mostly do a lot of street racing for now, having fun with friends, killing any and all mustang GTs that come my way :P been getting into shows as of late.
  4. Funny stuff

    20 January 2009 - 04:54 PM

    Bash.org is the greatest site known to man. :dodgy:

    I have to say that you might want to be 16 or older to go, but it is really funny.
    Basicly, it is a quote database. Its funny conversations copied from AIM, IRC, or Yahoo sort of messangers

    If you decide to go, click on Top 100 up at the top. Once you read those you can browse from there or what ever, it's your time.

    What's great is the fact that they can be rated by anyone, so if you think a quote is funny, you just click the little plus sign.

    Anyways, its a really funny site, just some of it is for mature people, and some of it is funny to the nerdier of us (including myself) that know how to subnet an ip correctly so that you can still get a large number of networks with out sacraficing the number of possible host... that sort of thing... Either way, check it out, you might get a new joke to tell at the office. VVVVV


    Tell me what yall think of it if yall go.
  5. New to me stuff

    07 January 2009 - 10:10 PM

    About a month ago I made an order for three different items from ActionVillage.com:
    Vents Avatar Mask
    Smartparts Gloves
    WGP 2 Pod Pack (drop leg option)

    I just recently got to use these items and I feel that it improved my game, so I would like to share.
    But first I want to tell yall about my old setup so yall can see the difference.
    JT Full helm
    Gloves from WallyWorld with no fingers
    Extreme rage 2+1 pod pack

    I decided to get new gear, soft goods if you would, because I was tired of the fog in my mask, the little to no protection from my gloves, and my flimsy pod pack.

    This gear seemed inadequate in comparison to my QLoaded Ion.

    First and foremost, the best up grade here was the mask.

    Light Weight - Easily half the weight of my JT.

    Quick Lens Replacement - All you have to do is move the strap straight up and the pop out two pins and there you have it! (Impossible for this to happen on the field and in my own experience, the fastest lens change I have ever seen).

    Flexible - Soft material yet firm enough, good balance, enough to protect but enough to deflect.

    Thermal Lens - Comes with a thermal lens and a lens bag, no fog in an entire day of play.

    Amazing Field of View - Can see anything coming.

    Comfortable - The foam was not scratchy at all.

    Straps - Extremely adjustable, and a good size, holds tight!

    Great Protection - Covered entire face.

    Gets Hot - Although they are a Vents brand, there really is not that much ventilation.

    Lens is Dark - Hard to see in the woods (obviously this can be changed).

    Not a Full Helm - Didn't notice though.
    My personal opinion on this mask is that it is absolutely sexy!
    In blue, it makes you look intimidating (Bet it would in red too).
    Gives off a vibe that you are not afraid to be seen, that you want them to remember your face, they will hide.
    I was able to actually see what I was shooting at, and I feel that it was a great investment for the money I spent.
    So far I have recommended it to everyone I know that plays paintball.

    Protection - It is like getting shot in the mask, you don't feel it.

    Tight Fit - Will not slip, skin tight and will fit to your hand.

    Cool Look - Self explanatory.

    No Tags - Or strings.

    Hard To Get On - And off.

    Cutting the Fingers - Very stringy when cut.
    Great gloves, not to expensive, very good looking. No issues really.

    WGP POD PACK 20 - 25$
    Sturdy - Will not fall off.

    Drop Leg - Optional, can be a regular pod pack.

    Holds Pods - Secure.

    Came With Pods - WOO!

    Ridged Build - Not made of cloth.

    Q Pods - Do not fit, I had to modify it.

    Bouncy - All pod packs are, but it wasn't any better than my old one.

    Only Two - Pods, wish it held more.
    I like the way it was made, held up well even when I was running clear across field. Easy to Modify! Sexy Blue! Tight enough for me to inverse my Q pods and they hold, but not so tight that it takes two hands to get a pod out. Great pack for the price.

    Over all I found all of these items to be well priced and of good quality, tell me what yall think. :laugh:


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