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  1. Bottom Loading Drum Mag

    05 January 2009 - 08:22 PM

    Well I had this idea for a while and I posted it in a few threads but never as a new topic. It would work 1 of 2 ways. The first way was to get parts of an electronic hopper and configure the feedneck of the marker so it's pointing downwards. Then the electronic feeding mechanism would feed the paintballs from below through the feedneck and into the marker. The other way was instead of a hopper it would use a spring to push the paintballs similar to the Q-loader (credits to Jrobb because he had this idea before me.) Also you can get an upside down Ion in a M249 body and use a box mag or drum mag and it would look very cool. I'm open to suggestions and feedback.
  2. Smart Parts Vibe

    04 January 2009 - 07:17 PM

    I need to know if the Vibe is self-contained as in I can take out the bolt and everything and put it in a totally different body and it will work. Like the Ion where people can put the internals in a airsoft gun body.
  3. Paintball Bouncing Betty

    29 December 2008 - 01:20 PM

    A Bouncing' Betty was a landmine that propelled itself upwards when it was set off and exploded at waist height to seriously injure or kill someone. I have a design for paintball that is similar to the Bouncing' Betty. This mine will have to be buried to be less visible. When a person steps on the mine, it will press down on a metal plate that will connect the 2 leads from the battery to the delay timer. The timer will be be adjustable from 1-15 seconds (I don't think it should be set over 6 seconds.) Once the timer finishes it will open a solenoid valve that will propel a special grenade up towards the sky.

    There will be a PVC chamber that would be pumped by a bicycle pump prior to using the device or it could be adapted to use 12 gram CO2 cartridges to save space. The grenade will be a 10-15oz grenade between two plates that fit snugly into the barrel. The gas will shoot the grenade 3-4 feet in the air and there will be a fishing line that will pull the washer off the grenade at 3 feet causing it to go off. There will be a safety cord that's about 3 feet long to stop the mine from jumping to high and hitting someone in the mask. Here is a design I made for it. I'm not sure the effectiveness of a paintball version of this mine but it's just an idea.

    Grey: metal plate
    Pink: the barrel
    Light Blue: battery
    Red: safety switch
    Light Brown: two leads
    Green: Solenoid valve
    Yellow: delay timer
    Blue: PVC chamber
    Dark Brown: lines leading from chamber to barrel

    EDIT: I found out I won't be able to build a prototype. If anyone wants a 3D CAD model so they can build it, PM me.

    Posted Image
  4. How to shoot around corners

    05 December 2008 - 02:37 PM

    I am thinking of a new idea. It would require a cheap digital camera, some creative thinking, and other various bits. I'm thinking of taking the camera and putting it on a swivel on a carry handle for an M16. The LCD screen would be on your mask and it would be movable for when your not using it. The camera will have a pressure switch so that when the camera is in the down position it will be turned off and conserve batteries.

    The idea is that the camera would be directly lined up to where the gun is shooting so you could put the gun around corners and see where you're shooting without exposing yourself. It would work way better if you have a red dot to which the camera could line up with. I think this can only be used in like CQC situations and possibly in woodsball. The bad things are that it cannot be exposed to water, is susceptible to damage(can be fixed with a hard shell), and it's another electronic thing to worry about. The wires would have to exit the camera, go to your wrist, and go up your shirt to the mask. Or if you have a remote, you could wrap the wire around to remote and then lead the wire from your air tank to your mask.

    Here is a diagram below

    Posted Image

    Purple: a movable bolt, rivet, or other securing device
    Red: the swivel and the stand for the camera
    Blue: the digital camera
    Green: camera lens
    Light Blue: mount for pressure switch
    Yellow: pressure switch
    Red&Black line: wires to LCD screen
    Black&White Box: LCD Screen
  5. Magazine fed Alpha Black

    01 December 2008 - 06:50 PM

    I just had an idea that I would like to discuss. I am thinking of taking an AR-15/M4 magazine and putting a tube at around 0.7inches in diameter in the mag and adding a spring to the bottom. Then I would load the paintballs in and attach the mag to the holder. To make paintballs go in the marker is going to take alot of custom work but I think I will try to do it. Also if not enough paintballs can fit in the tube I might curve it into a "U" shape so it will get more. According to the measurements of an AR-15 mag I can fit 16 paintballs in to a U-shaped tube. And yea this is all to make it look more milsim. So what do you guys think?


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