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  1. In Topic: A5 Response

    20 May 2009 - 10:24 AM

    Well....yeah I think I do have something to worry about- I don't even live in N. America, and there isn't a legal ROF here. Secondly, I paid $70 for 15 BPS, not 13, (or 5 BPS in my case...I was getting maybe 10BPS MAX earlier, but not now). I've done the 'checks' to make sure its working properly, but I can shoot faster semi auto than this so-called full auto. I'm gonna send it in to Tippmann, but who knows- probably'll come back the same way. So far, I've had one R/T break on me, sent in the broken parts, they never received them. So they sent me another R/T kit, which I currently am having problems with. So far, my mission to get an R/T to work has cost me around $110 American dollars, and now I gotta send it to Tippmann (which will cost me another $20 or so, because I'm sending in the whole thing so they can make it work). -.- I'm pretty PO'd at the moment. So it'll probably cost around $130 or so, and that's if it works properly when it comes back......I've dry fired about 150 times trying to find the sweet spot. All can get when I find the sweet spot is 5bps.
  2. In Topic: Tippmann has once again failed me....

    20 May 2009 - 06:55 AM

    Yea...I've had problems with my R/T as well. Won't shoot 15 bps. Never seen it done (not on youtube either).
  3. In Topic: The R/T Tuning Guide for Dummies

    20 May 2009 - 06:46 AM

    It actually doesn't shoot 15 bps. No videos on youtube have em shooting 15bps, and neither will mine. I'm probably gonna recording me shooting it with the sweetspot, and check how many bps it is in an audio program (audacity). I'll just see how many 'spikes' there are in a second when I have it sweetspotted. I dunno about u guys, but atm, I really don't like mine. I can get more bps shooting semi than trying to hit the sweetspot. Might go for the E-Grip.... Where I live, it almost never rains, so it's not like its gonna get messed up.
  4. In Topic: A5 Response

    20 May 2009 - 06:27 AM

    Just got my Co2 filled- I can make it shoot fast, but I don't think I'm getting 15bps, even when i turn it all the way up. Im probably only getting around 10bps. :(. I looked on youtube at some videos- doesn't look like anyone is getting 15bps. lol. wow.
  5. In Topic: A5 Response

    19 May 2009 - 10:35 AM

    k guess that means my co2 just about empty. Thanks guys :happy: