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Mike 'Delta' Romeo
20 years old
February 21, 1994
Male Male
Fairmont, WV; USA
Paintball (duh)

I Do Custom Painting and Gun Servicing As Well.

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Horrorcore Music [Twiztid Juggalo]
Ridin Four Wheelers/Dirt Bikes
Makin Videos

S'bout it.

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  1. What's You're Call Sign?

    28 April 2010 - 06:16 PM

    Alright, so here's the low-down. I got bored today and decided to make a new Brigade Tag, I searched around and found the Military Call Sign page on Wikipedia, and I decided that it was pretty legit, so I wanted to post it on here just to see what crazy combo's we get with the system. Here's how I did mine. I took my Three Initials [MDR] and used the list to come up with my Call Sign: Mike Delta Romeo.

    Lets see what you guys come up with now
    Here's the pic LINK to translate.

  2. Flash Player/Java/Other-Run Designing Programs

    28 April 2010 - 05:05 PM

    This Idea runs from the OpsGear Site's A-5 Builder, where you can customize your very own A-5 with parts from the site that are available, and then order that same gun. I think Spec Op's should do something similar, to compete in the Online Market, so to speak atleast. I think it would allows players to see the most of what you have to offer, and create more of a convenient Site for players just searching for a single product.

    You could also take this into other dimensions as well. For example: Create a Program where you can design your own Outfitting, and order it. Like an Advanced Version of the Vest Builder you guys have now. It would allow the player to select a Mask, Head Camo, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Vest, etc, etc.

    Just food for thought, and tryin to help out MY FAVORITE WOODSBALL SUPPLIER IN THE WORLD!!!! lolz.
  3. TechT Paintball

    21 April 2010 - 07:01 PM

    Ok, so I've been browsing the net for some new upgrades and mods to my A-5, and I came across TechT. It really got my attention with their Cyclone and trigger systems, along with a new hammer, but I wanted to know if it really was worth all the hype and the price tag.

    Tippmann Hair Pin Trigger Kit -- $19.99
    Tippmann Cyclone Complete Upgrade Kit with Black QEPH -- $109.99
    TechT A-5 Fang Trigger System -- $39.99
    TechT Zero-Kick Hammer -- $44.99

    Total: $220.95

    I needed to know if I should get all of the mods, or if I should only get a couple, maybe a review or to from buyers. Idk, just needed to know whats good and not so I don't waste money.
    (FYI, I am mainly a broadsword, with a heavy rate of fire, and the Cyclone Upgrade seems reasonable to upgrade my stock 20BPS to 30BPS, so I kind've wanted to mainly upgrade that, but the other mods caught my attention as well.)
  4. Camo 101!

    20 April 2010 - 02:02 PM

    [Let me point out this that I'm not a Camo Expert, but I'm a Hunter and Paintball player who's spent time infield with different camo patterns and has done research on this.]

    UPDATE EDIT (04/20/10): MARPAT Review; Shortened the Post; Requesting Someone To do a Flecktarn Review for me. I haven't heard much about it.
    UPDATE EDIT (04/21/10): Pictures Links Added

    Oh-kay, so, I've been bored lately, so I thought I might throw this thread into the Spec Ops forums cause some people don't know where to start with Camo's. Some do, some just need to know what basics there are in Camo. Well, finally, here's the general gist with some helpful pointers for choosing your best Camo, and using it to it's limits.
    Camo, is one of your foremost attributes in your Paintball game if your looking for that realism and stealth vantage. If you want to play your top game, your game needs to include stealth. Stealth means skill, ability, and most of the time some decent camo (Face it, bright red jerseys aren't very stealthy, aye?), and camo means... well choices. You have so many camo patterns these days, it's hard to choose what will fit best with your playing environment.

    Common Camo - Common Camo, AKA, the camo you usually see people wear 99% of the time, is preferred by at least 90% of the Woodsball community. It's useful, it looks cool, and gives you that military feel that makes the game interesting at most. It's good to pick a good camo, otherwise your enemies could see you coming, and that usually isn't good. So here are the basic lay-downs on todays top Modern Camo Pattern's used in Paintball.
    Old US Military Woodland - Today, the MOST used pattern in paintball is the Old Woodland pattern. This is basic camo that offer's good budget-run stealth on field. However, it's restricted to only dense woodland areas; thicket, and brush, and undergrowth is needed to fully conceal the wearer, especially at close range. Its recommended that you only stick with this if you live in evergreen woodland, or all spring/summer type weather. Also note this camo contains the color Black. Black, in nature, is impossible. The natural color black can't be produced by planets, or soil, or trees, anything. It's an unnatural color, therefore, useless in my opinion. Overall though, it isn't a Bad Camo, it just isn't a great camo, but it would help you stay hidden long enough to get off your shots concealed. Plus, it's EXTREMELY well available to anyway walking into a general sporting goods store. With cheap price ranges, you can't go wrong with Woodland. It's recommended to players with a tight budget, and/or usual weekend players.
    US Army ACU Digi - Probably becoming the most popular BDU in Paintball is the ACU Digi. Its a versatile camo, and great to use, and is offered almost anywhere where hunting supplies or army surpluses are sold. This camo doesn't contain black, and it's fitted with tints and colors that blend into the natural surroundings. This is also to be noted (If you didn't know by now) to be the US Military's standard issue pattern. It's mostly fitting in an Urban Environment, containing light, fitting colors for indoor/near-indoor activity. Its good for paintball in the woods as well, able to keep contast at a close distance, utilizing the 'Digital Effect.'. However, at a farther distance, contrast can be picked from the pattern to the land, and your position can be given away rather easily. This camo is recommended for annual-players wanting good camo for decent pricing.
    MARPAT - MARPAT is most likely to be the 2nd most popular paintball pattern out there. Offers great camo, at a decent price range. Personally, this was my second camo I've ever worn in Paintball, and I must say it's effective to the extinct of my field usage with it. It works great in the Woodland areas at best, and amazing when it's dense woodland. I couldn't say more then I could with the ACU Review, because MARPAT is the ACU's counterpart, so... I can't remember correctly, but I think it also includes the color black? Either that or a dark brown or olive. Ither way, it only has a few spots which doesn't make it stand out (if it is black.) Personally, I loved this camo before I upgraded to OmniPat, and I'd recommend it to players with a decent budget, looking for quality (military grade) camo, but don't like, can't get ahold of, or afford ACU.
    Hunter's Camo - Hunter's Camo is the most available camo out there. Easy to buy, decent brands can give you durable clothing, but in reality, the hunter spec, such as Mossy Oak, aren't for paintball. If you have a tight budget, and you don't care about camo as much, then by all means, its your call, but it's made to confuse the eyes of a deer, not a human being. There are circumstances when you stand still, but in paintball, only snipers stand still. You need to move, and when you move in Hunting Camo, your noticeable. A walking tree branch with leafs is noticeable. However, this isn't a 100% factor. There are cases when players skip over the terrain just to check and see if someone is there. If your lucky, they won't see you. Only Recommended to players with a Budget and possible Low-Budget snipers.
    Flecktarn - REVIEW NEEDED!
    MultiCam - MultiCam is one of two "premier" camo patterns that is effective, and does what it's intended to do. Keep you camo'ed, no matter where you are. MultiCam is great for almost any terrain, and can give you exceptional stealth when needed. MultiCam is a downfall camo though. In recent moths, MultiCam pricing has gone up a good bit, and it's beginning to disappear completely from Market Shelves. (I haven't seen it in a year or so.) What Crye is doing, I don't know, but it's been stated that the U.S. Army is switching to MultiCam sometime soon. Another downfall to it. MultiCam, in close proximity to the wearer, can be contrasted from the background colors, and its easier to spot you from a closer range then a farther. MultiCam has the ability to blend into the terrain and it's contrast, but it's easier to tell the shift from close up to farther away. Other then that, MultiCam is recommended for players who are paintball-for-life type players, and want exceptional camo.
    OmniPat - The Brother Camo to MultiCam, OmniPat is the 2nd premier Camo Pattern on the Paintball Market today. OmniPat uses the MultiCam's color schemes, and replaces them with the Digital Stencils, making a sick looking pattern. The OmniPat[tern] is amazing at it's ability to keep you concealed, just as MultiCam would, but instead of being less-effective at close range, OmniPat, being Digital and utilizing the 'Digital Effect', eliminates almost all possible chances of being seen close up. I've personally field tested it myself, and a patrol walked right over me when I was wearing this stuff. It's extremely effective, and great Camo all around. The Downfall to OmniPat is the fact that it's only Produced by Spec Ops, which means only 1 single source provides it. Even worse, they are currently falling short on OmniPat stock due to the need of a printer for the pattern. Another problem is you have few choices in your camo-liking. The Fusions and Marauders are your basic body camo choice with it. The prices can be a bit steep too. However, if you are able to flex the budget, or you don't really even have one, I promise you won't be disappointed with it. This Camo is Recommended to Hardcore Players, or ones looking for some of the best camo out there, and they are willing to spend a little green.

    Ghillie Suits - Alright, if there's one field of Camo I haven't tested personally, its ghillie suits. From what I've heard though there's large debates about what's best. The BushRag or Action Ghillie. From research, it seems that it runs down to the following perspectives in the Paintball world. Ghillie suits are for those players wanting to conceal themselves from the world, and their enemies better then what usual camo can do. They are perfect for snipers, but aren't recommended for front line players because of the usual load and heat generated by the suit.
    BushRag - So I've heard a lot about BushRag. Good Ghillies, great cover, and realistic look. However, the suit is heavy, rather bulky, and can get in the way of a shot. As well, it's rather hot during hot weather, and can really wear you out. Its recommended to players who have the green, and want a realistic feel of a Sniper, and who can deal with the heaviness, the hotness, and the bulkiness.
    Action Ghillie - The Action Ghillie is said to be the evolution of ghillie suits. Great camo, and their new "3D Leaf" system is said to be effective. After much Googling and Picture and video watching, I've assumed that the Action Ghillie is all around good for the Average Paintball Sniper. Light, made of Mesh, comes with different leaf colors for customization, and works well with the player, instead of making the player feel like a walking bush. It conceals the player well, and seems to do it's job, rivaling the BushRag as well. Also, what I like is the 3D Leaf's texture. It's able to confuse the eye, and will operate like a piece of nature, and make the player question whether it's real or not. It does seem a little choppy at 1st, with all the leafs, but I personally like it.
    Build Yer' Own! - A lot of paintballers and Military experts say just build your own ghillie! Keeps you in budget, makes your ghillie more able to blend into YOUR environment, and will be to your liking. I'm not sure how to myself (like I said, little ghillie experience), but I heard it's one of the best wayts to get an effective ghillie you like. I suggest Googling it, or if someone posts a link to a legit site, I'll edit the post.

    Over All, Camo is your preference. Only you can decide what you need or don't, but I hope this gave you incite to what you need to be your most effective.

    Good Luck, And Play Hard,

    (Just an Explination of the Digital Effect: Digital Effect: The Confusing of the Eyes in Coronation of the Brain to determine 'Fact or Fiction' with Digital-Type Camo Schemes. Mostly Seen in Close Ranged Confrontations with Digi-Camo, noting that digital camo is better then other types when in close range.)
  5. Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 WP

    17 April 2010 - 05:51 PM

    If your looking for an Amazing set of boots, and got the budget - Then Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 is where you want your buck.

    Amazing design, amazing comfort, amazing quality. All you would expect for paintball would be in these boots.

    Their design is first noticed when you take them out of the box. Slick, awesome, badass, and ultimately unique from other brands. It's design is made up of Breathable materials so your feet don't get too hot. The comfortable soles offer a guarantee of comfort and satisfaction, but you won't want to take your money back when you get them. Their tread is also unique in it's design. Personally, as a hunter and paintball fanatic, I've had a lot of boots, and I must say this isn't a pattern I've seen before, but from experience and field time with wearing this boot, it was definably effective. Even in muddy terrain, it still holds up to the challenge.

    The quality of these boots is also amazing. Genuine materials are used in these boots, and nothing less. The water proof version (The ones I got), are definately water proof. My feet have yet to get wet, even from sweat! There is a downside to the waterproof. It end's generally at the bottom of the shin. IF you get splashed with water, or are in it for a second, your covered, but if your in water for a prolonged period above your foot, its possible you may get a little wet because of tongue of the boot isn't attached to the side leg supports.

    Finally, the comfort is ah-mazing. I haven't experience any boot, minus one, that has this good of comfort. Very relaxed, and absorbs impact, just like it says it would.

    Overall, Magnum makes a hell of a boot, and I hope that you will say the same if you get the chance to try them out for yourselves. :tup: :D



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