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  1. Makin a setup..

    03 April 2009 - 07:24 PM

    Alright, well I'm new, and yet not, 'cuz i haven't been able to play as much as I would want, but I have played and I'm a fairly decent tactician and quick thinker, and I only have a Tac-5m that i got for christmas 'cuz I thought it looked cool about 2 yrs ago (bad idea, i know).

    Anyway, I'm looking into upgrading, and i have a couple questions. First off, I plan on getting a Proto SLG 09, but Is there going to be much difference between the new 09's and the current UL's? I have a job now so its not a huge issue, but $100 is maybe 3 weeks at my current once a week job.

    Second, I planned on puttin in an Evo 3 for a hopper, since I plan on leaving the gun on semi (its also required by the closest field i can play on AKA Skirmish USA). Good Choice? Bad Choice?

    Third, Skirmish is the only place i can get my Air filled, and since the Proto is N2 required, would it be better for me to get 170$ of cheaper 48/3k steel tanks (about 3 on e-paintball.com), or would a crossfire 68/4500 be better in the long run? I can usually only make it to Skirmish maybe once a year, but once i can drive that will change. Roughly i go through maybe a case a year.
  2. Help with bad leaknig problem

    16 January 2009 - 03:42 PM

    Alright i recently got it and was planning on taking it out this monday for a game with some friends. I have already put about 100 Balls through it, no breaks no leaks. I went to gas it up just 20 min ago and all the air in the 12 g starts Blasting out of the hole in the bottom where the screw is to hold the cup seal in place. It was cocked. Anyone help explain this?
  3. Some cup seals and a bolt..

    15 January 2009 - 01:16 PM

    Alright, so i just recently recieved (happily might i add) my forge vest and Zeus G2 from Specops. I was fooling around, wasted about half of the 12grams that i ordered with it shooting at a steel tub. Then, it seems slowly, that i started to get less shots (started out at about 13, put 3 12g into it, got up to 20, but then went down to 10 and would bleed air after the last shot).

    Also, it is like 20 degrees out, so that may be wreaking havoc on the Co2 and it just cant build up the pressure as fast as it should, but i noticed when it acted as if the 12g was "empty", i would take it and it felt as if there was something inside. Upon shaking it upside down, it appeared to be snowing out of my 12 grams. If i plug the end of one that is like this, pressure builds beneath my thumb until i move it off and and escaping cloud of gas comes out. Is this completely frozen Co2? Is it just so cold right now that it would be best to wait until it got warmer to test?

    And onto the main topic. Were i to upgrade the internals, would THIS and THIS (The one above Zeus g1 and g2 cup seals) help with efficiency and possible leaking problems?
  4. Upgrading to electro/HPA

    10 January 2009 - 06:27 PM

    Alright, now it may take a good while, but i plan on upgrading my gun to a proto Slg UL, and i've never used either an electro or HPA so i have a question or two..

    First off, the gun says it operates at 145 psi, but when i plan on buying this, i plan on using the steel 45/3k tanks (don't use a load of paint, so 2 45/3 tanks would last me a year or so), and all of them are set at a fixed 800 psi. Does this matter, since the gun has its own regulator, and will my remote line that I will be receiving from SO just screw into the ASA, or do i need something else?

    Second, again i don't plan on using an extreme amount of paint, so the only time i may ever use it on full auto is for fun. If i keep it on semi, is it still recommended that i get somthing like a cheaper 20-40$ agitating loader with only like 13 bps feed (On semi i've tried, i can only hit like 6-8 bps if i really try right now)?
  5. Finding A Marker?

    06 January 2009 - 06:34 PM

    Alright HOPEFULLY, mind you it may end up taking a year or 2, but i plan on getting a job soon, and was wondering why all of a sudden almost NO ONE carries the first SLG's? I've looked around on new markets (not b/s/t, I'd rather spend the extra 30$ for a new gun than one I don't know the owner of or what it had been used for) and every single one I've looked at only carries the UL (I'm sure most know but for those who don't, it means Ultralite) version, which is 100$ more for a IMO pointless upgrade to the style of the gun.

    I have a friend who may sell me one for something like 70-100$ because he's getting it off of a friend for 50$ cuz he doesn't like proto or something.

    Anyway, I'm asking because I have a tac-5 right now and really want an easier marker to maintain and one that is much more efficient/reliable, as it takes me roughly 20-30 min to strip and clean it due to how it's designed (weird clamshell-ish that doesn't always agree with it's own design for fitting back together..) and it is a rather hog on Co2, i usually only get maybe a hopper and a half off 9oz instead of the usual 400 that most i know get out of their markers.


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