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  1. In Topic: True or False

    06 April 2009 - 12:36 PM

    False. (Ohh Yeaaah i said it) :rolleyes:

    TNP has gone to Skirmish
  2. In Topic: Becc's Sweet 16

    17 January 2009 - 11:22 AM

    Lol Awsomeness. Your dad and my dad would probably love each other. My basement is like an armory, 2 Completely full safes (about 80 dif. firearms of assorted kinds) along with a few that wont fit. 2 of the walls are just lined with brass, both fired and unfired.

    And that glock....I've seen one of those at a gunshop my dad goes to. Pure win right there lol.

    I myself Like the mp5, the tommy just looks too...idk "old" to me. Are they gonna be full auto, or only semi? Where i live you have to buy a 300$ permit per gun in order to own anything that is fully automatic. sorta shoots my hopes for an authentic m16 in the donkey...
  3. In Topic: Bullpup Design Asthetics

    16 January 2009 - 09:15 PM

    Is the bar where the wiring is all going? Couldn't you make where the barrel sits on a bit thicker and hollow that out, using that to run the wires? Idk, but 2 inchs seems like your hands would be too close to each other. Just IMO. Hope this comes out nicely, oh and that stock looks awesome now.
  4. In Topic: 'IGNORAMUS' Star Caught with Grenade at LAX

    16 January 2009 - 09:01 PM


    ... You really believe that? If you were security, would you be searching for a "pin" or pull the guy aside and check out what was in the bag? ... On second thought, you'd probablly be the wise guy who'd be the "expert" at knowing when explosives are duds or not.

    Yes, i do. Call me a wise guy, smartDONKEY, whatever. They have technology that can pick up the elements in an explosive by trace minute scents that those elements give off. And i'm not saying what they did is wrong, I do believe that they should have taken him off to the side away from everyone and called in bombsquad. I just think it EXTREMELY unlikely, especially with said technology and even canines that are trained for explosives finding, that they could not determine it was a dud without possible risk of quite a few people.

    Think of it this way, had it not been a dud, if they had an entire bomb squad around it, which can be anywhere from 2-5 guys, and they prodded it the wrong way or went to "investigate" the bag, they could all be dead and possible others injured.
  5. In Topic: Help with bad leaknig problem

    16 January 2009 - 08:36 PM

    I have swapped out both O-rings and swapped out the cup seal with the replacement parts that came in with the baggy. I SEEMS to work so far, I've only shot 2 mags and then 4 other dry fires to empty the cartridge.

    Smitty, as for that, I may, or I may not, as it seems that this pistol so far has required more maintenance in the first 3 days than my regular has in a year.

    Edit: And I've contacted Warsensor, since armotech's site is down, and I've described my situation and explained that I've changed them Once already within 3 days. Mostly just to see if they send me like a baggy full of cup seals and o rings as an apology or just to see how they respond to a rather highly disappointed customer.


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