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  1. The Ethics and Applications of Double Pumping

    06 August 2010 - 12:08 PM

    This thread is about discussing the ethics, and practical applications of double and triple pumping.

    With a Phantom, and I'm sure nearly every other pump gun, it is possible to fire multiple shots by racking the pump multiple times and then firing. It is easier with a direct feed, as you don't need to rock the marker. This can also occur on accident, if you pump your marker too slowly.

    Two shots are generally the most accurate, while three shots lose accuracy and range, and four shots will most likely explode in your barrel. Usually, two paintballs will impact on your target within a foot of each other, sometimes within inches of each other, and sometimes not.

    I have found a few good uses for a double shot. When bunkering it helps to give a "shotgun" effect, and when creating a diversion it can help to put off the illusion of more players to your enemies. Plus, it's fun to do in front of people who don't know that pumps can do this.

    However, I've often thought of the implied ethical implications, doubleshots tend to be a grey area in the rules. Specifically, the rule that states "one trigger pull, one ball." However, no ref has ever called me on it, nor has any player ever complained. I don't employ this method with any regularity, and I suppose I would stop if told it was against the rules. However, I know that many fields, as well as tourneys, do not allow markers like the Nasty Typhoon because it fires two balls on one trigger pull. I suppose doubleshotting is really the same thing.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Fun times with a Proto SLG

    04 August 2010 - 10:38 PM

    Is it possessed? Or is the reg pressure just too low?


    Warning: Some harsh language
  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cry

    28 July 2010 - 06:00 PM

    I just...don't know what to say...
  4. Things you wish someone told you

    21 July 2010 - 08:50 PM

    This thread is for knowledge about paintball you didn't have when you started out. Stuff you wish someone told you, but no one ever did.

    I wish someone had told me:

    -To buy a Pro/Carbine when they still sold them new instead of starting out with a 98 Custom

    -To buy a good mask before a paintball marker. I'll never forget my first paintball outing; a 98 Custom with a Tapco folding stock and J&J barrel, and an Extreme Rage mask. I spent the day trying to figure out what vague blurs might be enemies.

    -That a standard buttstock that connects to the reciever obstructs the hell out of your view with a mask, and that an undergrip T or L stock offers the same support with plenty of mask space.

    -To not stand directly against every piece of cover you find

    -To keep the marker raised and simply lean to snap shoot

    And, the most important:

    -That it doesn't matter what equipment you're using, just that you PLAY
  5. Would a massive pump scenerio be possible?

    21 July 2010 - 04:34 PM

    Do you guys think a pump scenerio on the scale of 200-300 players per side would be possible? The obvious problems one runs into are that the majority of paintball players do not play pump, and allowing people in with semi's would not be fair, and would take away from the purpose of the event. I know there are many pump tourneys, but I have never heard of a scenerio comprised entirely of pump players. You could give it an old timey theme, such as the Revolutionary or Civil War. Perhaps you could allow pistols, to allow a broader audience?

    It's an idea I've been kicking around for a long time.



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