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  1. C-Four's Feedback

    19 July 2010 - 01:06 PM

    Hope to have many posts here very soon.
  2. Omnipat vs. SpecOps Digi

    02 July 2010 - 01:50 PM

    Recently I've been contemplating which camo out of these two would work best in my area, which is central Virginia. Right now it's the middle of the summer and I thought that would give specops digi the upperhand. Not so true. Earlier today I took some miscellaneous omnipat and specops digi items I own and set them throughout the woods. Now, even knowing where each item was, I found it harder to determine where the omnipat items were. In more shady areas, the digi did hide itself pretty well, but anywhere else it sort of stuck out when there was no foliage immediately in front of or behind it. The omnipat on the other hand, only stuck out when it was in front of VERY dense brush. Everywhere else I put it, I simply had a harder time making out the outline of the item. After just placing the items, I decided to do a different kind of test. I threw the items of varying camo behind my back so I could not see where they would land. I would then turn quickly and try and locate each item. The specops digi stuck out like a sore thumb in the open compared to the omnipat. In my final toss, I even lost a magazine pouch that was omnipat before taking out the swingblade and cutting down everything in my path to eventually find it 10 minutes later. :P So, in conclusion, for shady, and/or very dense brush, I recommend the specops digi. For that setting and nearly everything else, I recommend OmniPat. Both work great, but OmniPat is fantastic. :P :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
  3. Pistol Only Handicap Match

    25 June 2010 - 05:26 PM

    Today I had a friend come over and out of nowhere he pulls out a Spyder Pilot from his bag. It really surprised me that he had a paintball gun. After finding out he had never played an actual GAME of paintball (he's only shot at stuff in his yard) I just had to call up 2 other friends for a quick game. So the guys get to my house and we suit up.

    TEAMS: 1)the new guy with his spider pilot and one of my friends with his 98 custom
    2) my other friend with my old upgraded X7 and myself using only a TPX and 4 mags.

    LOCATION: woods behind my house
    CONDITIONS: high 90's with about 50% humidity
    MY GEAR: TPX w/ 4 mags and 12'' LAPCO Bigshot w/ APEX (for kicks)

    GAME 1:
    We start off and I go flank to the right side of the tape. I see the new guy sprinting through the woods right at me. He starts shooting at me and I return 3 mags of paint (I only loaded each to 7 balls since it was so hot/humid). Then I dive into a small dried up creek bed. I pop up and catch him as he's changing cover. I let loose the whole clip and hit him 3-4 times. He's out and so am I because I was out of paint. Match ended with the other dude on my team getting a very lucky shot on the guy with a 98 custom.

    So, my first question is, has anyone out there had a newbie ever try such an unorthodox tactic?

    GAME 2:
    Same teams. This time I flank up the left side. I lose track of my buddy with the X7. As I move farther down, I see the newbie just staring at me from behind a bunker. So I circle around to his right to get a clear shot. Then he tries to pull the same move and move straight at me, moving from cover to cover. I pop out the left side of a tree to get him to focus on that side. I quickly switch to the right side of the tree and shoot 4 times. I hit him in the shin. I hear shots ring out. My teammate walks across the woods, so I flank left of the remaining 98 custom guy, almost at their start. I take cover behind a fallen over tree trunk. I fire my remaining three shots in the mag and then reload. I pop out to just unload the whole clip and all I hear is the "pap, pap, pap." No paintballs came out, my mag had jammed. In my moment of astonishment, I take a hit to the barrel.

    So, second question. Anyone ever had their mags lock up on them (even despite only loading them to 7 balls) like I did in the middle of a firefight?

    Today was an interesting day of play. The handicap of limited ammo is very challenging to say the least. Just thought I'd share my experience. :P
  4. Etek3 or Phenom?

    06 April 2010 - 09:20 AM

    Hey guys, yes the title of this thread is deceiving. Im not such a n00b that I dont know the Etek3 is better. Lately I've been seriously wondering about "going to the darkside." I've owned 2 Tippy's and they've been great to me, perhaps its time for a change of scenery. I'm getting ready to sell my fully upped X7. I know the Phenom would make a great reliable marker that I would love for years to come, but I don't want another money pit. If the Etek3's performance is leaps and bounds above the Phenom's, then I'm willing to give up the Mil-Sim world for the time being. (mods are expensive!) I wonder if it would be worth going remote if I made the switch.(no stock?! what?! gasp!) If not, then there is no point in buying a vest, just a podpack. Being only $75 more, what would I lose by switching to a Planet Eclipse marker and what would I gain? Don't fret, my home will always be bushball, just thinking about widening my scope of the paintball world.
  5. Stick with my operative V2 with no pouches, or get the NEW Dagger X?

    04 March 2010 - 04:45 PM

    Hey guys, I bought an Operative V2 vest form spec ops for $30 during their sick deals promo. BUT, since I have no pouches for it, I am considering selling it to a teammate who it will actually fit it better. I'm 16, and a medium build, so the vest is a tad big on me. it's a medium. Anywho, on one hand, I can buy 4 pod pouches and a horiz. tank pouch for roughly $70, OR I can just sell my operative V2 to one of my huskier friends for $20-30 and spend that along with the 70 that I would of spent on the pouches on the NEW Dagger X that spec ops just released. It already comes with a 4+3 pod system ALONG WITH the horiz. tank pouch. I'm also thinking it would fit me better. All thoughts and reviews about these or similar products is GREATLY appreciated. (Btw, the new vest is $90 and the only thing I plan on having on it besides the pouches is a MOLLE TPX holster and 3 mag pouches. I don't know how much the weight of the pistol will affect things.) I'd much rather have a tighter fitting vest. What I'm worried about with the Dagger is the weight of the TPX pulling the vest off to one side to a tremendous amount. The only feature of the V2 I'd be losing by switching would be the integrated sling points and the mask clips, and frankly I don't really care for those anyway. I'm pretty sure I want the Dagger X, but I don't want to rush into buying it without some educated information on the matter. Does anyone think their is enough retention in the system to keep a TPX or something of simlar weight from majorly flopping around on one side? I don't wanna have my TPX bouncing everywhere when I run. Thanks. :D


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