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  1. ---What To Bring To A Scenario Game---

    26 March 2009 - 04:41 PM

    List Of Things To Bring:

    [] Marker (A spare one is recommended)
    [] Mask (A spare one is recommended)
    [] Co2/HPA
    [] Barrel Plug and Barrel Sock
    [] Hopper
    [] Insect Repellent (Darn mosquitos can be a pest...)
    [] Sun Block (You can get easily burnt even on cold cloudy days.)
    [] Water (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Avoid pop and definately alchohol.)
    [] First Aid (Include band aids, ACE wraps, disinfecting spray, etc.)
    [] Prescription Medicine
    [] Spare socks and shoes (Also very important. You will most likely get 2-3 pairs soaked)
    [] Spare clothes (Again, very important)
    [] Toothbrush and toothpaste
    [] Deodorant (Oh please...for our sake)
    [] Toilet Paper
    [] Tent/Camping Equipment
    [] Sleeping bag and pillow
    [] Lanterns
    [] Firewood (If permitted)
    [] Ghillie Suit
    [] Raingear
    [] Spare gun parts
    [] Flashlight (Very handy)
    [] Towels and rags
    [] Allen wrenches
    [] Digital Watch (Set it to the game clock for accurate times)
    [] Squeegee
    [] Radio w/ headset
    [] Table
    [] Camera
    [] Tarp
    [] Duct tape
    [] Wet wipes
    [] Batteries
    [] Food (Beef jerky is good)
    [] Cleats or Boots
    [] Ear plugs
    [] Smoke bombs (If permitted)
    [] Paint Grenades
    [] Binoculars
    [] Fishing line (Must be breakable for trip mine)
    [] Megaphone
    [] Cell-phone (Leave in car or campsite. It will most likely get smashed otherwise)
    [] Tactics and plans
    [] Maps
    [] GPS (For all you extreme players.)
    [] Nightvision (Again, for all you extreme players.)
    [] Extra Money!! (You will definately need extra money for gas, food, and paint.)
    [] Perimeter Warning Device
    [] Tactical Vest
    [] Permission Slips (Do NOT forget these!!)

    Well I hope this helps all of ya! If you notice anything Ive missed just tell me. Feel free to print it off! (Ive put in check off boxes for if you print it.) Have fun!



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