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  1. Hi, all... I'm Confused???

    14 October 2008 - 08:22 PM

    Hi, im new to this board, and new to paintball... well sorta

    well anyways i need a gun, and i dont reallly know what to get. im pretty cheap lol
    I have it narrowed down to the Sp-8, the A5 and 98 platinum with act and the bt 4.
    I want to shoot less paint aka snipe(be quiet and accurate)
    i want very little ball breaks if none at all

    i would like the sp8 beacasue of its dead silence, and its accuracy, and speed, i like the fact its got a regulator.
    I dont want it because of the need for e hopper, weak feed neck, double trigger, and i hate plastic, that is were tippys come in to play. i like the platinum but it has that front grip, i like the a5 except for the mp5 front end ( i love mp5s but for the sniper type marker no) and no picatinny rails without buying an adapter. if the act system can be put in a bt4 i might consider it more. can you use the 98c feed neck on the bt4?
    i would like to q load all guns but the a5 cause of the cyclone. i am going to use hpa so im hoping an unregulated gun will be consistent. the whole mech gun thing is no biggy cause i shoot real guns and i am "mechanically inclined" too so nothing like that bothers me. i dont care about weight if the gun is under 12lbs so the tippy is heavier than sp8 doesnt matter to me.

    is the cycone worth it
    is act worth it

    i need some big help from the more experienced guys(you) on my choices. i wish i could go to a paintball shop and test them out but i cant. my friend has an sp8 and he likes it but he said its a gas hog. so far right now my best set up im looking at is the 98 with a qloader, spec ops commando stock and 16 barrel of yet to be decided brand. i wont be ballin every day just the odd weekend and a couple big woodsball tourneys a year.

    am i asking too much out of one gun thats under 300 bones?


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