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  1. Filming paintball games

    07 December 2009 - 10:51 PM

    So my in-laws and I have started taking a camera or 2 to games in order to film a little bit and take some pictures. We have been trying to get some authentic play instead of staging stuff. This also tends to give the first player out in a game something to do other than twiddle his thumbs. We always get a little worried about our cameras getting ruined even though we have an orange vest for whoever has the camera. Anyone have some experience and want to share some tips?
  2. What is my boss thinking?

    16 January 2009 - 08:18 PM

    Well, to start off this is a notice that I will be spending a lot less time on the forum. I work at a pharmacy and during the slow hours I usually get on and catch up on the forum. We have to have internet for certain pharmacy procedureas anyway so it makes sense to use it to check email, bank accounts and forums when there is nothing else to do aside from stand around and pick my bum (which I don't actually do)

    Recently some of the "higher powers" have decided that since internet access brings us pleasure it should be banned except for a very small list of sites they feel are necessary. So very soon I will no longer have as much time to enjoy the forums and all the stuff you people have to say. I am a little perturbed about the whole thing especially considering the other rules they have decided upon lately.

    Now don't think I am just a whiny kid because I am not. I have been a supervisor before and I have been tutored in business practices by retired executives. When it comes to business I don't know all the technicalities but I do know a lot about running things on the lower levels.

    One of the things I learned is that happy employees are productive employees. Don't believe me. . . walk into a McDonalds where the manager screams all day and tell me if you dare eat one of their hamburgers. Guess what? That's right, internet makes us happy. Many of us have accepted lower pay than we could get elsewhere because of the laid back environment. I can't speak for everyone in the corporation but in the pharmacy I work in we use the internet when there is nothing else going on. We have never neglected a patient to finish anything we were doing for entertainment. It has taken me over an hour to write this post up to this point because I stop every time someone comes nearby.

    We are losing internet because "fun stuff" must be hurting production somewhere. . . right? So what if we still have to pay just as much for internet service either way. Well, to take it further, we have been without several items that we need in a pharmacy. Our scanner for scanning prescriptions into the computer broke and we have been requesting a new one for over a month but in the meanwhile we have to take at least 5 times longer to enter in coded numbers by hand for every script. Seems to me that productivity would go up if things like that were fixed instead of spending money to pay executives to sit around a table, eat donuts and make decisions on how to best lower morale through senseless decisions. (Yes I do read Dilbert comics for those who wonder)

    So I will be seeing less of you guys. I will really miss being able to talk to y'all. It has been a blast. So post stories of stupid things your bosses have done that will give us a good laugh. I could use some laughter right now.
  3. Feel-good moments

    27 December 2008 - 05:39 PM

    Okay so as an intro I am a fairly pessimistic guy and I subscribe to Murphy's law as well as the law named after the guy who originally said that people are stupid. Somewhere in the depths of my "doom-n-gloom" perspective there is a little spark of hope that is brought out every once in a while by what I call a feel-good moment. Every once-in-a-while something just happens that restores your hope in this world and the people in it. I just had one of these moments and with all the stupidity going around I thought that we could all use a small dose of humanity.

    I work in a pharmacy for those who don't know, and just now we had a young couple come in needing some medication. They are on workers comp and if anyone has ever worked in healthcare you probably know that workers comp will give you the run-around at every possible opportunity. They were only willing to pay for a few days worth of pills at a time which meant they would have to have at least 1 doctor appointment a week to keep getting prescriptions to bring to us. We were able to bill their regular insurance but it would not cover the entire amount. They did not have enough money to pay for the rest and were looking pretty down at this point.

    The Pharmacist and I got together and felt like we should cut them the best deal we could without losing our jobs and worked out the lowest price we could offer. They pulled all of their money out and still didn't have quite enough so we told them we would cut a little more off and we took care of the difference ourselves. The girl started to tear up and eventually they told us how they had gone to give plasma that day in order to pay for their expenses and as they were leaving they saw a man come who was too late to give plasma. They could tell he needed the money so they gave him 10 dollars. It was touching to see how generosity begets generosity in the real world.

    You can call me a softy or a nerd or whatever else you want to call me but for a moment today I truly felt good. There really is still hope even if I can't see it most of the time.
  4. Merry Christmas from Zzaque

    18 December 2008 - 01:06 PM

    Yes I got sucked into the whole "Do something irregular, embarrassing and slightly lame because it is Christmas time and people expect it from you" mentality and have decided to make it public. Stupid videos of me and my family doing elf dances:

    Enjoy them because this is probably a one time thing





    So, Merry Christmas and make fun of me all you want!

    (and in case anyone cares-from left to right on the classic one Me, my Wife, my first son (Porter), my second son (Kurtis), and me in a paintball mask.)


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    10 Jan 2009 - 17:10
    It just looked so empty here without any comments. Problem fixed.
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