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  1. In Topic: Dagger gun pics

    10 October 2008 - 05:40 PM

    this is my 'dagger-esque' A5. I love it, even tho A5's are a little on the heavy side for some, I have no problem hauling this thing around the field on a hot day. It has a JCS trigger in the pice but I just installed a Rythm Innovations magnetic trigger and it is musch nicer, very walkable!
  2. In Topic: german military comoflauges/semi ghillie

    05 October 2008 - 01:11 PM

    Wow, nice find!

    I think the whole SP clothing line was called 'Renegade' if I'm not mistaken, and offered in a bunch of different patterns. The pants and shirts had 'sweatshirt' type flexible collars and cuffs with 'Renegade' written on them. My friend had a shirt and pants set in 'tigerstripe' pattern back in '96.
  3. In Topic: german military comoflauges/semi ghillie

    05 October 2008 - 11:16 AM

    Well, not to nitpick but I just wanted to clarify some things about actual WW2 German camo.

    German 'Flecktarn' was NOT developed prior to, or during WW2 ,and was never used in that war with Germany's armed forces. 'Flectarn' was developed in the 1970's in different variations, named Flecktarn A (klein); Flecktarn B (gro▀); and Flecktarn C, that competed against each other during 1976 'troop trials' (Truppenversuch) to judge which one of the new patterns would be the best for possible adoption by the German Army. Flectarn B was judged the winner, but it took years and much more developement to eventually become official issue. 'Flectarn' is an obvious design developement of some of Germany's WW2 Waffen-SS camo patterns, but was NEVER used during that war, and not directly related.

    Germany's Waffen-SS helped pioneer the developement and use of military issue camouflage, being "the first troops in the world to be issued camouflage clothing on a large scale", to quote from Andrew Steven's "Waffen-SS Uniforms In Color Photographs". Several distinct patterns were developed by the Waffen-SS, and MANY other subvariants and 'one-offs' were developed, especially from the first four patterns I list. I believe all of these patterns were developed by a man named Professor Schick. These camo patterns were worn almost exclusively by the Waffen-SS, although the 'Herman Goring Panzer Division' aquired large stocks of Waffen-SS camo clothing for its own use as well. The main patterns developed where:

    1. SS-Platanenmuster (commonly called 'Plane-tree') the first one developed before the war in the 30's.
    2. SS-Rauchtarnmuster (commonly called 'blurred edge')
    3. SS-Eichenlaubmuster (commonly called 'oakleaf A')
    4. SS-Beringt-Eichenlaubmuster (commonly called 'oakleaf B')
    5. SS- 'palm tree' (don't know the german name, but is easily identified because of the odd 'palm tree' looking designs in
    the pattern.
    6. SS-Erbsenmuster (commonly known as 'pea pattern') this was designed to be a 'universal' all season pattern for the Waffen- SS introduced in '44.
    7. SS-Leibermuster (known as 'body pattern') very late war design, and little is known to what extent this pattern was worn in
    combat in the last months of the war.

    Interesting note: Smart Parts actually produced their own version of SS-Oakleaf pattern for a camo clothing line they had in the mid 90's and it was even called 'oakleaf'. If you are interested in the actual WW2 german SS patterns or Heer patterns, a great place to buy excellent reproductions is 1944 Militaria, http://www.1944militaria.com/

    I myself love these camo patterns, but because of their war time usage by Nazi Germany's forces, I prefer to wear postwar German 'Flectarn', or especially Austrian 'Fleckerlteppich' (which is itself a post war developement of SS Erbsenmuster) for a taste of the exotic. Knock yourself out tho, it beats being just another digi-camo fashionista any day!


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