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  1. In Topic: Scenario #7 The Bridge; Hold at All Cost

    21 January 2009 - 09:45 PM

    I would use the fuel to fill up the falt bed and taxi. i would find a means of putting the taxi on the flat bed. weather it be a hi spot of land or a loading ramp of sum sort. the remaining fuel would be used to drench the for the back up plan. aslo disable the taxi by ripping out the primary and secondary igniton circuits.(if no 1 can find a match lol) if u cant rip it all out due to lack of tools i must be crative to duplicate the missing parts.

    i would put 1 squad and anti tank team on that staion, 2 in the flat bed truck.(1 driving another laying fire) the other 6 would be put in the taxi laying out fire as well. the anti tank team in the cab and 2 troops in the trunk with the lid partly shut. they would go on an offensive to slow down the enemy personel until. i would also send the sniper out to pick off enemy soldiers will the flat bed assult team keep the opfor distracted. if the flat bed should become disabled the men in the taxi... hope 4 the best. also leave them instruction to rip all wires out and nessesary parts to immobilized vehicle. should driver die.

    if the bunker on wheels should fall then sniper would have instructions to stay and conseal himself or swim across river(if he can swim). then remaining squads would increase global warming and light the bridge with the on fire with the ignition circuit 2 delay any attack untill renforcements arrive. if fire burned before renforcement arrive teh remain forces would hold back the opfor best as posible with empty 55 gal. barrels and whatever else we could find to use as a bunker.

    burning bridge with fuel sounds comlex with ripping car apart i know but u do what u gotta do no 1 is gonna cross a burning bridge they could try and swim across but they would be to exposed. :P

    EDIT affter reading sum i guess i could save teh trouble and use the phosphous nades to light the fuel lol
  2. In Topic: digi painted 98c

    08 December 2008 - 09:07 PM

    how did u remove the foregrip stub and make it look so smooth?
  3. In Topic: elimelech12 needs help deciding between two X7 mods

    22 October 2008 - 07:35 PM

    first definitly, the other one looks way 2 piece the parts oppose each other if u know what i mean. the first flows together nicely
  4. In Topic: silencers

    22 October 2008 - 06:27 PM

    View PostSamSquanch, on Oct 21 2008, 10:41 PM, said:

    As far as i know there not illegal in Canada, i asked some coppers about them and none said they wouldn't see any problem with them. (as long as they were used in the proper area, obviously)

    ya and i checked and...

    silencers or devices designed to muffle or stop the
    sound of a firearm are prohibited devices


    a device or contrivance designed or intended to muffle or stop the sound or report of a firearm

    a paint ball gun is not considered a fire arm. cuz the velocity is too slow.(below 500fps)

    just to be on the safe side i might ask but the cops round here are pretty decent if ur nice to them.
  5. In Topic: silencers

    21 October 2008 - 06:42 PM

    View PostPiller, on Oct 21 2008, 08:24 PM, said:

    How much do you really care about quieting your marker. I would not count on a 98 custom ever begin a relatively quiet marker. Quietness is overrated. If you're looking to stay concealed, how you shoot is more important than how loud your shot actually is. A string of shots from even the quietest markers is easily located. Likewise, a single shot or two from even an extremely loud marker is difficult to find. Blowbacks like your 98 make a great sound - my recommendation is to just embrace the sound that it makes. That's part of the fun.

    idk how much i really care about volume to much most times just it can get realy loud when ur shooting from in a shed. or when u want ur ememy to take a lil while longer to figure out he is being shot at.

    i'm not gonna use it all the time obvioulsy( not like that will get me out of any trouble if it is illegal here) it just seems like a cool thing to make and i need something to do this winter. its inexpensive to so why not try my craftsmenship. i also want that "rocket cock II" for protecting the internal from dirt

    i'll have to check with the cop shop to c what the law really is. i know firearm suppressors are illigal here but my gun dont shoot over 500fps so its not considered a fire arm.


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