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  1. Sight/Scope Preferences, wich type/model you prefer and why??

    27 October 2008 - 03:29 PM

    Some people say there are no snipers in paintball, some say there are only marksmen and stalkers, but those statements have never stopped players from pimping their markers with all types of scopes, sights and lasers. So accepting the fact that optics in paintball are here to stay lets start a discussion on wich one you prefer and why, mentioning the pros and cons of each type of optical device. PICTURES ARE WELCOME.

    I will set the example and begin:

    My personal setup is an NcStar 1x42mm red dot sight with picatinny mount, I use it over a home made sight raiser cutted from a square 1" aluminum tube, to wich I added a 4" picatinny H&K handguard rail on top.

    The pros: Red dot sights can be used with both eyes open allowing quick target adquisition. Since there is no magnification you can avoid tunnel vision.
    The cons: None for my style of play, but I bet you can find many... :dry:

    As a note players who use magnification scopes can mount them to picatinny see-tru sight raisers and use the scope for spotting and directing their team mates while the see-tru raiser allows them to engage close range targets using the markers iron sights or laser if they have one installed.... Is this what you do????

    Please comment and remember that no setup is better than the other, is just personal preference and the possition you play in your team.


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