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  1. In Topic: Teams Recruiting/Looking for Team

    08 October 2008 - 07:22 AM

    Manic Militia----Located in Aiken, SC
    Team Captain--Michael Brown
    Style of play---Any (we attend any event given that we have enough people interested)
    Contact--------go to my brigade page(link is on the left)
    Home field-----
    speedball--Atomic Paintball in north augusta GA
    woodsball--right now we've been to Charleston paintball alot

    We are currently recruiting any members for the Militia. I a working on building members so that we can later apply for sponsorship. Speedball players will be listed under the same team name, but will follow seperate schedules. Any player can join the Militia after attending one major event with us or several trips to Charleston and attain permanent membership as long as they attend each major event or continue to attend practice.

    The Speedball team is going to begin practicing to be ready for the CFOA 3-man series in the Fall. We will be competing in the beginner circuit so anyone with APPA experience will not be allowed. Speedball has 4 members but we will not move to a larger man format until we finish the 3 man season.

    If you are in the CSRA and looking for a team, then we will provide you with what you seek.
  2. In Topic: New Brigade positions

    08 October 2008 - 06:45 AM

    Ok. well I am all for adding a tank hunter position, since every time im on the feild i end up running into one of these guys toting the long tube and several nerf rockets. I think that what we really need is a postition for someone who may not always be connected to his team. teamplay is great and highly effective, but sometimes it may not be practical or even possible. This is where the LONE WOLF category is needed. This person is alone, but still understands the big picture of what is going on in the game. They need some of the abilities of almost all the other positions. This person can hide for an ambush, hold off an enemy flank movement, attack the base, complete a mission, or anything else that just needs to be done at that moment, but perhaps there is no one else around, or getting more than one person into an area would be extremely difficult. This person carries a very personal kit and relies that he can make up for not having support with his skill. He is still a team player in the sense that he is working for the team, just not with them. Having one person who is capable of performing a duty that frees up the rest of the team makes him invaluable for shear versatility. A commander now has a one man fire squad, and the rest of the team knows he can show up for their support at any time he is needed.
  3. In Topic: my first camo job

    29 September 2008 - 06:51 AM

    That is a very good color pattern. Of course it depends on how much you move during play. The less you move, the more outline breakup you need. If you aren't sniping then there's nothing you should add, but you may want to consider adding soft materials like cloth, string, or camo netting to break up the outline of the mask against the woods.


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