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  1. Simple gear bag partition

    06 November 2008 - 10:49 AM

    This Idea is super simple, make a gear bag partition that would fit in most size duffle bags or gym bags that could organize our gear simply by dropping it into the bag. It could be modular and reconfigurable.
    I use a soccer bag to haul all my gear and I have to wrap up all my guns and anything else im scared of getting scratched. Plus there is no way I can carry paintballs in that bag because they will get crushed. I dont want to break the bank to buy a whole new bag since I already have one, i just need an organizing tool.
    obviously an easy idea, would be extremely cheap to sell and with moderate markup you can sell these for $10.
    let me know how you guys like this idea and how many would use it.
  2. Palmer female buying tips

    30 October 2008 - 10:51 AM

    I have an a-5 and was looking to buy the complete palmer female kit that bolts under the grip. numerous retailers sell these kits but they all try to be tricky how they make money of them.
    Special ops marks theirs at $130 while palmer marks theirs at $120
    but the deal breaker is the optional grip adaptor that are not offered in the two packages.
    SPecial ops wants $12.95 and palmer wants $20.
    I talked to one of the guys at special ops to see if the adaptor is included in their kit, since it seems logical since the two kits are only $10 different and spec ops is offering the adaptor for $12. And after arguing with them about how they should offer it to me for free since their site is misleading (actually uses 98 c for the part description)But no it is not included. I also talked to palmer and they told me they are just marking up the price since they buy it off them for $120.

    So it turns out to be cheaper to get everything through palmer even with a $20 adaptor. The shipping would have been too high to pick and pull from each site.

    so at a cool $170.00 (including gauge) i bought it and it is on the way.

    hope this has been helpful to anyone trying to do the same thing.
  3. Hammerhead bangstix review

    18 October 2008 - 01:10 PM

    I bought the hammerhead bangstixx with the screw on reverse ported muzzle and 3 fins.

    first off, quality is very apparent as alot of time and money went into making these barrels.

    Now how it fires. when testing this barrel I used three types of paint, cheap rps and some marballizers I also had a bag of some really old stuff. I started out shooting the old stuff really wanting to see how it would handle it. from 20 yards it wasn't bad at all, i would say about 7/10 hit the mark (a milk jug) and the ones that didn't weren't very far away. then I wanted to see how it would react to broken paint. so I broke a ball in the barrel, coated all sides with crap and continued to fire, but amazingly it was fairly similar to the last test and only the first ball shot deviated alot. I then backed it up to about 50 yards and found that the spiraling effect becomes more apparent and it seemed to go really straight. this helped alot with first shots as I was able to intuitively aim the gun. most shots landed on or near the target. next was rps not good paint but hammerhead took it and shot it just fine, at full auto it looked like a long piece of rope extending to the target, very accurate! then marballizers same thing. I even tried to change to a wrong fin size and it shot them fairly well.

    Verdict: 9

    Now it was game time! this thing on the field is killer. in a woodsball setup i was making shots I never dreamed of making! if people were hanging there feet out for too long it was pretty much a guarantee that I was going to hit them from 20 to even 100 yards. In fact it started getting down right ridiculous, and instead of bunkering people for my kills I found myself right at home picking people off from long distances.


    This has allowed me to become a threat almost anywhere on the field and isn't that the point? i can't wait to play again with this thing.
  4. A-5 removable q-loader mount

    29 September 2008 - 10:35 AM

    what really need to be made is a q-loader mount for a-5's that uses existing hardware, so that you dont have to buy a new half for your gun if you dont want to use it. I honestly have no idea why q-loader never even thought of making one, the current design is the worst design i have ever seen.


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