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  1. T68 M4 Magazine Fed Marker Review

    15 October 2008 - 09:50 AM

    I just got this marker from rap4.com and I was immediately asked tons of questions about it: where did you buy it? how much is it? where is the hopper? wait, it's magazine fed?!? where's the gas? for those looking for a rad looking marker and have seen this one, here's the 411.

    RAP4 has been making paintball markers built for scenario play, as they provide simulation markers for military and law enforcement groups as well as commercial paintballers. They have produced many markers, including those using .43 cal paintballs and airsoft. The T68 is one of the most recent additions to their arsenal.

    The T68 features a step towards realism with the development of the magazine. Each magazine holds 18 standard .68 cal paintballs that are loaded by retracting the spring and holding down the lock for the neck beads that keep the balls from falling out until loaded in the marker. It does take a while to reload after each game, but with the way that I play as a sniper, I only go through three to four magazines per round and have had ample time to reload the magazines before the next game. They are also expensive, with each costing $37 for one, $70 for two, and $135 for four, whereas the q pod, holding 100 rounds, costs $20 per pod. But the magazine gives you some advantages, such as a really quick reload, removing the hopper to give you both a realistic feel and a lower profile, and a possible use as a monopod for more stable shots lying prone or on cover.

    The marker itself is a great design, especially if you have it come with the flex air system. This system allows you to attach either one of RAP4's 5 oz CO2 tank with 200+ shots or the compact 3000psi compressed air tank with 100+ shots in a port directly behind the upper bolt where the balls get shot from. This blow forward action ensures a more direct force to be applied to the ball to maintain its velocity, since it is not receiving less force from gas that is left over from a blow back marker. Because the gas is embedded in the stock, the marker is very well balanced, enabling you to even hold it one handed, perfect for snipers moving with the high crawl, in which you are crawling one one hand and both knees while your marker is pointing forward. You also have the option of several barrels, from the standard 14 in smoothbore tactical barrel to the rifled 22 inch super sniper barrel. My personal gun has a 14 in rifled barrel. This rifled barrel system gives a different approach to accuracy and range. Rather than applying a design to give the ball a lateral spin, the barrel forces the ball in a spin free vector. It features a striated rail system, in which the inner circumference is lined with ten sets of flat surface tracks. About every inch of these tracks are seperated by a groove. This system ensures that while the ball travels in the barrel, it does not acquire a forward spin that are common in smoothbore barrels. Also, there are multiple muzzle brakes available for the tactical barrel collection. The marker comes with an M4 muzzle, although I recommend purchasing their M177 Whisper Muzzle Brake for open range and spool fields and their Gemtech Silencer for Tactical barrels for more close contact fields like woods and urban bulding combat. Because the gun's iron sights are too low for paintball goggles, I also recommend a red dot sight on its M4 handle for faster target acquisition. If the red dot sight goes on weaver or picatinny rails, you will need to get an M4 rail mount.

    The marker is suprisingly easy to maintain. Although there are many screws on the outside, you only need to remove so many of them to access the internal workings. RAP4 states that the marker could go through thousands of shots before needing any kind of maintenance. If you have any parts missing or damaged, RAP4 sells individual replacement parts on their website. The marker works like a dream, and although RAP4 as a maintenance free marker for thousands of shots, when I so far have only used it for 600 shots at the most, I make the point of putting drops of oil before each attachment of new gas, especially since I use CO2. I will say that there is an easier way of removing the barrel from the marker on the field for barrel cleaning than what the owners manual instructs. Also, the only problem I have when it comes to disassembly and reassembly is the charging handle spring. When disassembling the marker, pay close attention to the directions in the owner's manual, never removing any part unless it specifically says so and following every step, never skipping any step. Remove parts slowly for the charging handle, otherwise the sring may get caught and damaged. It will still work, but it may not be able to retract the handle as thoroughly as when you first held it.

    This marker is perfect for snipers. Although it weighs 7.5 pounds on average, it is very well balanced and easy to handle. The advantage of using less balls per game gives you more money over time to save up for premium paintballs. I recommend DRAXXUS Blaze paintballs for this marker because of its shell quality and it features camoflauged shells, which, with the sniper's one shot technique, will make it all the more difficult for the enemy to spot where the shot had come from. Because you have less balls, you have less weight. Chances are that you, like me, will get magazine pouches for the magazines, so you would mount it on the chest, which will give you more mobility and a more quiet approach. You will need M16 double Mag Pouches to hold the mags. You can camo paint the marker to blend in with your surroundings, just remember to tape close the port for the tank, the entrance to the magazine receiver, and the end of the barrel. I don't recommend painting the mags. The paint scratching off the mags can enter the port for the balls and enter the bolt and barrel systems, affecting your gas efficiency and accuracy. Also, chances are that you will just drop the mag in the field for the reload and not pick it up before moving, so it would be easier to find and spot if you left it with its black casing. This is a really great marker for those who want to take it to the next level for realism and scenario.


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