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  1. Anyone know a good way to Holster a T9 RIFLE?

    24 March 2010 - 05:31 PM

    Hey playas, I've been thinking about it alot, and I saw this sick vid of some guys previewing the T4 with First Strike rounds... And now I want a T9 with a couple clips of First Strike. I don't want a T9 as my primary marker though, I love my A-5, and First Strike is way to expensive to use all the time. I know I can have a hopper on a T9 and switch, but the limited air really doesn't do it for me.

    My idea is to get myself a compact T9 with some sort of scope and a couple clips of First Strike and holster it (I've thought of either the leg or the back) and switch to it when I want to hit people in the mask at 50-75 yards. I still want to run around with my A-5 and hopefully maintain most of my mobility. I know it's alot of gear to run around with, but I think I could probably pull it off.

    Any ideas, specops?

    Heres the vid of some dope first strike shots.
  2. The Dagger Challenge

    10 June 2009 - 12:56 AM

    Hey guys, just a reminder, one of the key features of playing Light Riflemen is getting in your opponents face. But what separates a good Dagger from an aggressive player is staying alive. Not just bunkering and rushing for fast kills, but good setups for your team to flank. Toy with your enemy, move from cover to cover sporadically; make them have to focus on you. The Challenge is to stay alive -be the guy that everyone saw all over the field, but couldn't be touched.
    During a scenario game some of my Snipers were getting drilled by the other team, so I moved in, traded shots, and jumped from bunker to bunker. By the time they looked back over at the Snipers, they were long gone, already moving up their left flank. Don't abandon you're aggressive style though, it's what makes us us, just be able to use it.

  3. Hammerhead barrels?

    09 June 2009 - 10:46 PM

    I'm really considering buying one of these things but I'm not sure they're as good as they make them sound. Apparently, these barrels have a rifling that DOES work so It makes your paint fly straighter and farther. They use fins to make the ball spin at the base of the barrel. I know that they can't make a HUGE difference or everyone would be running around with them, but this is one barrel that does sound like an upgrade to me rather than just getting a longer barrel made out of some new "better" material.
    The longer ones, which are 12" and 14" I believe, have reverse porting at the end to stabilize pressure, but the one I'm looking at, the 8.5" Sharktooth, does not. Does it make a big difference to have reverse porting?
    So I'm asking anyone whos used these, are they worth buying?
  4. Coolest thing ever

    26 May 2009 - 02:09 PM

    This was taken at the Gold Rush scenario event May 9th. I guess this was his "horse," it kinda fit in with the whole theme. Was funny as hell though. Those things are fast!
    Posted Image

    We got a bad turnout to this years event. We could always use more players. Check out www.NSApaintball.com and www.hotshotspaintball.net.
    If you're ever in FL, go check this place out.
  5. Cylcone Feed compatible Sten Magazine

    18 October 2008 - 06:12 PM

    A Sten is an older weapon that featured a horizontal clip that also worked as a grip for the gun.
    The same principle of loading could work on an A-5 or X7 because the balls load horizontally. The adapter for the magazines could fit into the prongs that are already on the side of the gun. It would work perfectly, but the only downside would be that it would only be left handed because the chamber's entry on the guns are on the right side.


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