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  1. In Topic: New Graphic Tee Concepts

    10 September 2009 - 08:29 PM

    You can put me down for a couple. Very nice; I like the red.

    I'm inclined to agree with Hellspawn; throw "Paintball" in there somewhere.
  2. In Topic: Woman jumps to her death..

    24 April 2009 - 05:11 PM

    If anyone is interested, there is an interesting documentary about people who jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, entitled, simply, "The Bridge." It should be pretty easy to locate online. The filmmaker captured a number of jumps with his cameras and interviewed the relatives of the deceased. One of the more interesting interviews is with a young man who actually survived the plunge -- it might help answer the earlier question about what a person thinks on the way down.
  3. In Topic: Paintball Revolver

    08 April 2009 - 01:08 PM

    Despite lacking the technical knowledge and the patience required to think this idea through before posting -- would it be possible to use the cylinder to hold CO2 instead of paint? Perhaps a mag-fed revolver with four 12-grams in the cylinder? As I say, I have no idea what this would mean in terms of size or even basic functionality, but it sounds like fun.
  4. In Topic: Hello Obama

    22 March 2009 - 07:59 AM

    Hey, folks. . . remember Obama?

    Eighty-four percent of anything valuable I would have to contribute to the ethical debate has already been magnificently articulated by Schwimmy and Ashrak, and the remaining sixteen percent would probably get this thread closed down again. But if we can drag things back into the rude cold light of political realities for a moment, it would be helpful to keep in mind that embryonic stem-cell research is big business. There is a tremendous amount of money to be made poking around with stem cells, and at this point in the game, embryonic stem-cells are a lot more cost-effective. There is little doubt in my mind that research into adult stem cells would be a lot more productive and a lot less problematic, but it simply isn't as lucrative.

    In my home state of Michigan, we recently voted on something called Proposal 2, which opened the legal doors to allow extensive research into embryonic stem cell research. In the past, Michigan has voted down a number of similar social-justice issues, like Proposal B, a euthanasia proposal. This Proposal 2 passed, but just barely. I can't remember the actual ballot numbers, but it was forty-nine percent against, and fifty-one in favor. What made the proposal squeak through? Tremendous last-minute funding for radio spots and TV commercials from the University of Michigan. U of M had been supporting it all along, but with the outcome looking unfavorable for them, they simply poured on the cash. This, of course, was the school that was going to break ground immediately with the intention of becoming the preeminent stem-cell research school in the region, if not the country. And that means prestige, and tuitions, and government funding. Do you really think that most of the people who are actually driving the stem-cell industry -- not the ideologues, the people with real power -- actually care about the moral arguments? This is America. All gods are subordinate to the dollar.

    As far as I can see, there is a small group of very influential people flogging this science like a cash-cow business -- disturbingly analogous to the popular Democrat sentiment against Big Oil. Six of one, half a dozen of another. Obama may be a lot of things, but he is certainly not stupid about politics. For all his moralizing on the Great Good of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research -- which he may or may not actually believe -- he at least understands how money flows.

    Anyway. Res ipsa loquitor. I now return you to your regularly-scheduled debate. But always remember: the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is forty-two.
  5. In Topic: Paintball is prohibited in boy scouts!

    15 February 2009 - 10:47 PM

    It's not scouting, but there still are some who keep the playing-with-potentially-dangerous-things-intelligently faith. The folks who run The Tinkering School (http://www.tinkeringschool.com/blog/) are a good example; their program encourages kids to let their imaginations run free with the -- properly supervised -- assistance of chop saws and blowtorches.

    There's a good five-minute NPR segment here (hit "Listen Now") and some extremely printable warning labels on the Tinkering School site:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image



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